Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The obnoxious Germaine Greer

Please allow me to preface the below comment with the full understanding that you the reader knows that I am not some neolithic male chauvinist and that I never see a person's character, importance or status though gender coloured glasses.

Women have had a rough deal for many centuries and I applaud those women & men who stood up and challenged the well established patriarchal society of the West to ensure that females not only received the right to vote but also shared in most common rights previously considered men only territory, for which they had so long been denied.

I think that with regards to gender equality in the workplace etc,that there is still some work to do but in all fairness I think that woman and men today should be proud of the progress so far in our society. It's when "Feminists" (and some blokes) use and abuse this equality platform to further other agendas that I call FOUL.

Yes folks, Germaine Greer said that (link above) and true to form is using her over exaggerated position of importance (imho) combined with her enormous ego (that's obvious), to not only embarrass a fellow sister (although Bishop states that she is not a Feminist but I thought all women where suppose to be "Sisters" in the eyes of a true Feminist, Germaine?) but also the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. I actually am now convinced that Greer hates this country.

Well, I guess we can't be surprised that she felt like the King/Queen of the Panel because she wrote "that book" and somehow believes that she is the elder statesman/woman/person? and was there in the trenches from "the beginning". (Hardly, the movement of women's rights was unofficially given birth in the West in the early part of the 19th Century)

Her arrogance and hypocrisy has no bounds. Never forget that she cruelly stated that "The animal world got its revenge" after the tragic death of Steve Irwin, a true Australian Environmentalist/Conservationist and Educator. Then there was the PM Gillard's "FAT ARSE" comment, also on Q&A.

 So again I state that I am not surprised that this Marxist in Feminist clothing, who believes that bad publicity is gold, continues to grab headlines due to her obvious "No one is talking about me deficiency syndrome" from which she has always suffered (imho).

 What truly surprises me is why the "Sisterhood" continue to praise her in any manner after she clearly is not on their side anymore (if she ever was) and is only using the Feminist platform as a way to justify her self-deluded importance and to push her Marxist agenda.

 Then again I also wonder if there is a "Sisterhood" anymore, when we hear nil to bugger all condemnation from them regarding the very real mistreatment of women, not only by extremists like DAESH but in the Islamic world in general?

Seems to me that the modern movement that the likes of Ms Greer championed was a contrived puppet show to mask the true Marxist agenda of breaking down the foundation stones of Western Society, THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY UNIT !!!

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