Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Thelma & Louise of Oz‏

Senator Glenn Lazarus resigns from Palmer United Party

Well, all I can say is that "it couldn't have happened to a nicer boofhead".

One of this counties most recent and greatest political errors, The Palmer United Party,will soon only be The Palmer Party and I strongly suspect that no amount of Campaign spending will convince the now very disillusioned PUP supporters that this clown is worth another go.

His "Celeb Factor Senator" has just shown him and all else, like so many others before, that they have NO FAITH in the Member for Fairfax or the obstructionist direction of the PUP. Although I can't stand the Crazy Cat Lady from Tassie, it certainly does appear that both she and now Glenn Lazarus, have worked politics out and will definitely have a chance of keeping their jobs if they continue to be true Independence with a right wing bent and of course nothing to do with the Clive Palmer's political boys adventure tale & ego trip.

I do feel a bit for Dio Wang,the last PUP Senator standing plus the fact that he alone has to now suffer all of big Clive's hugs and salivation when the cameras are on but I also think that he may be just playing a smarter longer game and as he is now on side with Minister for Eduction, Christopher Pyne with regards to supporting the much needed Higher Education reforms, then just maybe we might be looking at a new Liberal Party Senator come the next Fed Poll .............

As the inevitable drive off the cliff "Thelma & Louise" style does take place for Mr Palmer and his political career.

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