Friday, March 13, 2015

The Lifestyle Choices that we make‏


"Lifestyle Choices"!!!  Apparently a dirty racist word when the PM refers to the factual conditions that we all know exist in remote Aboriginal communes and we also know that many indigenous folk do choose this as their lifestyle, generation after generation.

We sure do have a quite a few others in this country who choose to sit down all day and are quite happy to be funded by the taxpayers of Australia to do bugger all, generation after generation.

I wonder if the PM was referring to the rest of the population on sit down money, if he would have been immediately labelled a racist by the useful idiot brigade?,....... well actually no, because these class warfare card would have been drawn from the pack of lies instead!

This cartoon is quite close to the heart and is certainly a reminder to us all of the very real factors that haven't been reversed in decades by any Government and are causing misery for those of us who have landed in some difficulty via business closure and cut backs.

Due to these circumstances, we have fallen straight through the crack of injustice. What injustice am I talking about? Well, the injustice of having paid tax all of ones working life, never applying for welfare at anytime, paying for ones own medical costs, paying for ones children's education and then finding out that you are not eligible for any welfare due to your assets, savings and status.

Not to mention that you are too young for a Pension and that your status doesn't qualify you for Govt/Employee subsidy schemes and the ever increasing ageist discrimination within the existing workforce that clearly states that you are just too old to be employed and retrained.

Time to get online (whilst you still can afford to) and start selling all of those foreign made products that you thought were a great cheap alternative to the home brand (if it did exist at the time of course).... IDIOT!

Yep, these are the Lifestyle Choices that we made and because we believed in and voted for the Leaders that promised job security and prosperity for all, and we continued to buy cheaper imported products, then we must live with our choices as does everyone in this country.

If our PM really is fair dinkum (I believe he is) about beneficial lifestyle change for the Indigenous people of Australia then I applaud him but he will not be getting a full standing ovation from me until he and his Party AND THE OPPOSITION/CROSS BENCHES do something concrete to help those of us who actually did try to help ourselves and not rely on the Welfare State and Charity.

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