Wednesday, March 18, 2015

With friends like this eh!‏


I don't need to say that much about this one, other than to remind some that Tony Abbott does a deal with the ALP/Greens to expedite the Metadata legislation through the Lower House and although he says that this issue wasn't of concern to the Government, he is still happy to give "journalists" (whatever an actual journalist is suppose to be these days?) an exemption of warrant only for authorities to obtain their sources identity.

 There was a time not so long ago when I would have screamed to the heavens to protect such a freedom but in this day of an obvious and very deadly threat to our very freedoms and when a "journalist" tag can be seriously granted to an unpaid blogger, then I think he gave too much.

The irony of course is that if he ever thought that the usual suspects would now start to lean back from their constant attack of this Conservative Government because of this little gift, then I strongly suspect that the PM will be greatly disappointed.

Somehow though I also suspect that he knows that and that this was more of a PR stunt for the Gallery and the more hardcore Libertarians such as Senator David Leyonhjelm? Even with ALP support I'm not sure that this Bill will survive the Senate anyway?

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