Saturday, March 21, 2015

Members Only. Goodbye Mal‏

I just can't be one of the hand wringing, navel gazing Conservatives who are joining in with all of this lording praise for our 22nd Prime minister, the now late John Malcolm Fraser.

Many of whom have been constant critics of Fraser's Parliamentary term and his personal condemnation of John Howard and Tony Abbott's political careers.

I didn't do it when Gough left this Earth (no surprise, EGW was the worst of all the Labor PM's imho) and for much the same reasons, I won't do it now.

Sure, Fraser was nowhere near as bad as Whitlam or Rudd or Gillard but it is my strong opinion that a drover's dog could have beaten Whitlam had he been given the chance to contest the next election.  I think that the Dismissal was a dark day in our Democracy and Fraser can take credit for that.

During his term, the list of monstrous bad decisions is quite longer than any achievements in my mind, and that list must be topped with his support of Indonesian annexing of East Timor along with his support of Robert Mugabe -- whom he also helped to lobby a Knighthood for.

Fraser's sins include ignoring of the then Treasurer John Howard's economic reforms, which we now know were ahead of their time. This ignorance of course resulting in massive national unemployment.

Then there was the pandering to the Left and the Multi Culty brigade with the opening of our borders to a stream of non-vetted refugees, along with the establishment of the now Leftist hate media, SBS!

His ripping up of his Liberal membership in 2010 was well overdue in my humble opinion and is it any wonder when the bloke went so far to the Left that he became the poster boy for the Greens and in particular, Sarah Hanson-Young.

Yes, Malcolm Fraser is proof personified that the Leftist mindset is motivated and controlled by unreasonable and unscientific GUILT!

Of course it's a sad moment when anyone passes away, especially for their family and loved ones and my condolences to the Fraser family always.

Malcolm was not an evil or bad person at all, he was just a very poor Conservative Prime minister and I for one will not be swept up in the eulogies of praise for a man that hated his political party of choice and Conservatism in general, along with making so many serious errors of judgement that, generations later, we are still paying for them.

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