Sunday, September 20, 2015

Remuneration for a job well done‏

I actually started this cartoon about 4 days ago but due to health issues I wasn't able to finish it until now.

Today's news of Hockey leaving the SS Small L liberal sinking ship was enough for me and yes, I have added him to the cartoon, you can see him walking away next to the tree that I am sure that most Real Conservatives would like The Judas of Wentworth to end up on, in accordance to the obvious biblical reference here.

If one thing is for sure, the Leftist Media is now firmly in charge of the body politic. Sparsely unchallenged hateful reporting of Tony Abbott's few flaws and yet no highlighting of the many excellent things that the man had achieved in his two year Prime Ministership. This bombardment of negative spin and Leftist Propaganda obviously fed into the minds of the less engaged "we hate all politicians" mob, the "sensible centre" fence sitters and of course the "swinging voters" who generally decide this countries future based on the "what's in it for me?" ethic!

The Pollsters using their less than representative science to convince the plebs who is winning the footy game of life, which in turn frightens the hell out of the self serving Public Servants of the Party to believe the lies and rush to the support of Big Brother/Social Media favourite within.

It's enough to make you sick (and it literally did me) and now to feel so torn about a Political Party that was led by a man who shared your ideological and moral views of the world, only to find yourself now looking for a real Conservative alternative and then realising that there just isn't one. Many good people are still inside the Liberal Compound, alas they obviously are outnumbered by cowards and left leaning Conservatives ( which is in my book, an oxymoron, just like Gay Marriage)

Anyway, the music plays and the show goes rolling along!

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Anonymous said...

Now what might Malcom Turnbull's appointment be setting up for the future? Will Labour move more to the left to contrast with Turnbull? Will divisions further arise within the Liberal party? Will another conservative leader arise within the Liberal party? someone like Corey Bernardi, Scott Morison or other? Or will another conservative party arise? Or will all these things happen, and more? Time will tell.

I don't like Turnbull's move towards more female appointees. Most of the ridiculous regulations, restrictions and bans already placed on us against practicing what should be free pursuits and interests tend to be pushed and called for by females, along with weak effeminate lefty males too. Lefties are weak types who like restricting others under guise of "safety" and "caring". The left, feminists and unfortunately too many women are ban-happy, or at least ban-tolerant. The less of them having legislative power the better.