Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Zeg knows Vaucluse well

Interesting observation of mine, maybe you agree? I see that those most vocal about opening our borders and bringing in more of the cultural mismatch, economic bourbon, health and security threats on a massive scale, seem to be those who live in the more affluent suburbs that DON'T have a train station.

I have been advised by an experienced Realtor, that the reason for NO TRAIN STATIONS, isn't a lack of foresight, funding or local Government planning, rather simply, they don't want the low socio-economic people to easily access their streets.

 "No ghettos in my area stuff! as we must protect the property value at all costs."

I agree with the ethos, if they want their suburbs to be devoid of the convenience of basic public transport such as a connection to the rest of the rail network, and prefer to be insulated against the "lower classes". THEN LET THEM, that's their choice! They pay for their expensive slice of city real estate and should be able to enjoy a "higher standard" for that expenditure. After all, you don't go to BILSON'S and expect a Big Mac and Fries for the money paid!

 It seems to actually work when you look at the average house price in such areas, compared to those on train lines. My point here is that once again it is another example of "not in my backyard" and "YOU people deal with those people, you have our blessing" .

Their hypocrisy has no bounds

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