Wednesday, September 16, 2015

REVENGE, Such a sweeet song,...........for the LEFT‏

The Turnbull ascendancy

A disturbing set back for Conservative Australians everywhere. It felt like watching the Twin Towers being hit live. The revolt from the Liberal Party rank and file will be huge. I would now like to see a new Party started. Lead by the likes of Cory Bernardi and George Christensen. Call it The Australian Conservative Party and watch the membership hit a million overnight.

Turncoat will not be able to mend these bridges and put out some kind of Olive Branch, because there will be bugger all there to take it. If the Turncoat camp think that they will be forgotten, then they are bigger fools that I give them credit for.

The Late Great Sir Robert Menzies, is likely rolling in his grave to know that a Liberal PM once again sits in the Lodge and is a man who wants nothing more than to further the "Progressive Agenda" of the Left. Republic, ETS, Gay Marriage, Soft approach to Islamic Terrorism and Border Security etc etc, the list is long and disturbing!

This darling of the Left Wing Media, and really a creation of the that same media, which has created the fear within the COWARDS of the Party as well as the country, not only did what comes naturally to a small L liberal but was primarily motivated by REVENGE as well as his bloated EGO and desire to be called Prime Minister.  Judas Iscariot would be proud of Malcolm.

Thanks to this media and the self serving and delusional Politicians that we have put our "trust" into, our Politic and the Liberal Party is damaged beyond repair for at least a generation. What we have now sown, we will reap as Europe implodes and America declines.

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