Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Pope that the Left adores?‏

This Pope is very concerning to me and I wonder how you feel about my perception of his mindset? He is clearly different from the previous Popes and that is evident in his attacks on Capitalism and his systematic ticking of the boxes that the UN Elitists are striving to achieve everyday.

He embraces all religions as one and none more than that which is the absolute enemy of liberty and Christianity.

The US Democratic Party has increasingly attempted to claim Pope Francis as their policy champion over the past few months. The White House put out a memo months ago outlining the topics of shared interest that President Obama would discuss with the Pope, including immigration and climate change. This is clearly a  liberal agenda that I have never seen from the Papal Office before.

I mean the September 23rd visit has had some attention, and it perhaps may come and go like any other day, but we certainly have to consider its significance.

Hints and actual reports have been given of the topics that would be considered a priority. Both Obama and the Pope have made references to the need to address poverty and the economy. I can't argue with any of that and of course Crony Capitalism is rife in many countries including the country of the Pope's birth. In my opinion, that is the likely reason for his confusion about just how true and properly regulated Capitalism operates and how it  has reduced poverty and despair in the world.

The Pope’s left-wing ideology certainly has met its equal with Obama’s Communist ideas. Apart from the mutual push on the whole Anthropological Climate Change Lie, The Pope has been the world’s proponent for a religious unity amongst Protestants, Evangelicals, Catholics, and even Muslims. An ecumenical harmony. True liberty (Individualism) would prevent such a unity (a Cabal) thus there must be a Centralist controlling entity to enforce such an ideal. Are you seeing my concern?

The Popes have met with U.S. Presidents before, so what makes this unusual?

Well,  this meeting falls on Yom Kippur and I wonder if it has any significance, as this is the Jewish Day of Atonement and call for repentance.

This Pope has called for the New World Order pushing for attention to this agenda. Which has led to my suspicions that the meetings over the last few days might try to close the deal in cooperation with the United Nations.

A One World Government has been the secret agenda of Elitists for eons as the ancient hope and has been the course of action for Global Elitists in all legislation, every economic and banking decision and every move behind the course of directions for the nations of the world.

What I have have also realised, is that September the 23rd is the 266th day of the year, the day of birth after the gestation cycle. Could September 23rd mark a spiritual birth for the New World Order? Yes, the New World Order has been an agenda for a while, and probably a silent reality for some time already, especially after George H.W. Bush’s announcement on Sept 11th 1990.  It has gone public and is more of an open statement. However, has it ever officially been celebrated? I wonder if this is a spiritual coronation of the birth of the agenda.

The Antichrist is predicted to come as a leader to seemingly unite the world in peace. He will first be hated, but the uniting in peace will flatter the nations. They will look fondly upon him, until he turns on the world to demand worship unto himself as God.

You're probably thinking that I'm currently wearing an tinfoil hat and many years ago I would have agreed with that perception, but what I have read from the only book that has ever made any true sense to me and from what we are witnessing now in the world, then all I can say is that I hope to God I am wrong regarding these suspicions!

Please, my devoted Catholic friends, who are many, please do not see this critique or suspicion of the current Pope's perceived taking of the Church to the far Left as an attack on your fine religious faith. I have long admired the tenets of the Church of Rome and several of my life partners, including my current one, are devoted Catholics. No parochial religious bias here, just a genuine concern on a separation of Church and State stance, as well as the preservation always of Democracy, Liberty and Capitalism.

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