Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whose republic?

News item : "Kevin Rudd has called on newly appointed Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull to throw his support behind the push to make Australia a republic. Mr Rudd said bipartisan support would be needed to create a republic and Mr Turnbull had been a longstanding advocate of the change. "It's a great honour to be elected as a leader of one of Australia's large political parties and therefore I extend my congratulations to Mr Turnbull and his family," Mr Rudd told reporters. “I also say to Mr Turnbull, I look forward to working with him on a bipartisan basis on as many national challenges as possible. “One of those national challenges for the future of Australia will be our move towards a republic.”

I haven't done a cartoon for the new opposition leader of the Federal Liberal Party but I must admit it wasn't hard to come up with something. I am pleased about Malcolm Turnbull's appointment because at last we have a conservative who will actually fight, he has that bulldog about him and I am a little biased as he is an old boy of Vaucluse Public School (best years of my life spent there).

Rudd threw out the Republican olive branch to try and distract us all, again! but to Turnbull's credit he exposed that for the stunt that it was. Clearly the debate about a Republic will be on the table again and with the pull coming from both the left and the right I can see a little trouble ahead for the old Union Jack.

Can they actually offer us a new constitution (and Flag) that will be a lot better than the present? As I always say "If it ain't broke......?

Let's see what they have to offer down the track on that one, I am keeping an open mind about it. Remember if anyone becomes President of this country it will only be with the blessing of the majority and not with the help of the media government complex and the useful idiots in celebridoom.


TouchStone said...

As someone who was born and raised in a "republic", I can tell you there's a reason clich├Ęs have such longevity - it's because they have some truth to back them up.

Such as the one that goes, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it."

Every form of government has plusses and minuses, but some are worse than others.

The key seems to lay in precisely WHO are the people IN them.

Dickheads infest ALL political flavors.......

As a fan of you folks down under, I wish you all the best...regardless of which you decide.

ZEG said...

Great comment Touchstone , I couldn't agree more with you mate, appreciate it. Shame that you have such a great Republic as the USA and it is run by a Fiscal Socialist such as GWB. Overnight he has doubled your national debt and if the same was done by say ...Chavez well you would simple say, that's communism for you. This buy out with your taxes is nothing less than welfare for the rich and really who ever inherits this debt GOP or the Dems, will sure have a huge mess to clean up as they try to find ways to clear the debt without raising taxes anymore. Boy the great folk of American must be really pissed off now.
Clearly Obama would not only be a disaster for the US but disasterous for the Western World also. McCain and Palin are clearly the chosen ones in your two party system and I have no doubt that McCain and Palin are true patriots but I think his policies on affirmative action and immigration shows up his liberal side and that concerns any true conservative. Better the devil you know eh mate !?!

TouchStone said...

I try not to think too hard about mccain's immigration stand - he's as ate-up as a soup-sandwich.

Our only hope is that he really DID learn his lesson from last year, when a few million ordinary Americans like me took the time to flood Congress with emails, letters, and phone calls (we actually shut down the Capitol switchboards a couple times!)...all in protest to the abomination of an Amnesty bill he'd tried to sneak past in the dead of night.

Time will tell, but people like me will be watchin'.

With the internet, we're getting less crap from the media and just a touch more accountability.

They can still piss down our backs and tell us it's raining, but now we've got the tools to piss back!