Thursday, September 4, 2008

Move On, Nothing to see here !‏

Cowardly Cowdery. The reluctant prosecutor again: "FEDERAL MP Belinda Neal and her husband John Della Bosca have been cleared of any charges over the Iguanas nightclub incident that took place in June. NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery today told police there was no prospect of any charges brought against the power couple being successful. "In relation to Ms Neal, MP, I advise that in my view there is insufficient evidence to support any criminal charge against NSW law," Mr Cowdery said in his brief. "In relation to Mr Della Bosca, MLC, I also advise that in my view there is insufficient evidence to support any criminal charges against NSW law. "In relation to other persons I advise that there is insufficient evidence to support any criminal charges against NSW law. Earlier today, the commonwealth DPP also said there would be no federal charges brought"

I guess it's always easy to use hindsight but I did say in an earlier blog that if anyone thought that either of these ALP pollies were going to be in anyway convicted of a crime that I have a lovely bridge in Sydney that I am sure you would like to buy.

No folks, nothing will ever stick to an ALP politician and this Iguana Joe's scandal will go down in history as a case in point. As far as the media cycle is concerned it's over and I doubt that the Police will ever go against the Federal and State D.P.P decision not to prosecute.

The real shame of it all is that justice has again evaded the high and -- dare I say it -- "naive" expectations of Mr & Mrs Australia.

The Della Boscas would have done far better to have had this case heard in a court of law and then they could hold their heads high win or lose in the knowledge that they defended their strongly held accounts of the incident without fear of failure. But, no, they have been given this get out of jail free card by the D.P.P so they can just keep their heads down for me.

There is no great loss to the public. Belinda will never get pre-selection and sits on no committees any more and the hubby is about to go down with the ship in the next state election. Therefore maybe it's me who is naive in thinking that these two really do care about what the rest of us think.

Also the convenient announcement today of Minister John Watkins retirement (there's another rat leaving the sinking ship) proving that the pollies still know how to use the media machine.

I can only hope that public closure may still be achieved if the Independent Commission Against Corruption (I.C.A.C) can proceed with a public enquiry.....somehow I doubt it, don't you?

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davod said...

The onky way to get these people is to have someone follow thme around and catch them on vudeo and audio tape. Then publish the material. If you can get the media to do its job.

Mind you. If the media had been on the ball they would be toast already.