Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flower Power? No just more madness from within

We read: “Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon today defended Australian soldiers accused of mistreating prisoners in Afghanistan by locking them overnight in dog pens. But the incident has angered Muslim leaders and the Australian Greens, who say the troops made a “big mistake”. A defence inquiry report, released on Friday, found there was no evidence four Taliban suspects detained by Australian troops in April had been mistreated.”

When are we Australians going to stop giving a voice to the madness of the Greens and help them on their way to political extinction? Bob Brown must be suffering from the mental disorder that is Liberalism because of his criticism of our soldiers FIGHTING A WAR that is just and in your, yes YOUR, best interests

Hon. Bob Brown M.P is clearly more evidence of the deluded state that the left have found themselves in. They are supporting the Taliban in the name of human rights.

Surely the Greens understand that under Sharia law they will not be allowed to exist. These so called freedom fighters execute homosexuals such as Bob and many those who fall outside of their 9th century world view.

Touchy feely tree huggers would be seen as an anathema to the Jihadist. Just as disturbing as Brown's comments and also not surprising is the leftist Media which salivated over this story giving this madness a platform to be heard over and over again.

Now I am all for freedom of speech and Brown can say what he likes, as ridiculous as it is, because this way the enemy within can be easily identified. Yet still the supportive and UNDERSTANDING comments of the usual useful idiots in the press and on the radio waves -- not to mention the endless supportive blogs -- has yet again illustrated that anyone in this country who still believes in conservative values such as Borders, Language and Culture, had better start taking serious note that the enemy is within the gates and wants to fight you to the death.

This has also been a nice distraction from the buffoonery in Parliament today.


TouchStone said...

That cartoon puts in pictures what I wrote on the tailgate of my truck:

"Terrorists don't CARE that you're 'liberal'. They'll kill you anyway."

ZEG said...

Spot On Touchstone, I too was a soldier and as a soldier you will know that the enemy once identified can then be destroyed. The deluded mind of the liberal will not see the enemy until the moment its head leaves its shoulders. Thank you for your comment, your service and your continuing fight. WE WILL WIN ! mate !