Monday, September 8, 2008

Shuffling the deckchairs in NSW

(The Hon. Morris IEMMA, BEc, LLB MP was Premier of New South Wales from 3 August 2005 until his resignation on 5 September 2008. He is the son of a Calabrian Communist but was a member of the Right wing faction of his Leftist party. He tried to privatize the State-owned power stations but was successfully opposed by unionists in that, ultimately leading to his resignation. He has left a large budget problem for his successors, Left-faction Nathan Rees and deputy Carmel Tebbut. Latest update here )

What a week in NSW politics eh! Talk about a week being a long time in politics.

Sure Morris is gone and good riddance but really the deck chairs are just being rearranged on the Titanic and if there is any way that Ress and Tebutt can get this broken down wreck of a state back on the road and "heading in the right direction "... well... that will be nothing less than a miracle.

The fact that Rees is now shortlisting a multiple disaster case like Tripodi (economic credentials aside ) or the disgraced Della-Bosca to run the NSW Treasury speaks loudly of my previous comment, simply madness.

If the opposition leader Barry O'Farrell doesn't think he is being watched even more closely than ever now by conservatives and the disillusioned, swinging voters alike and start to fight and expose the true underbelly of this insidious snake that the so called majority (?) voted for then he and the Libs can stay in opposition for another term.

What this state and this country needs is a return to true conservative values and a complete rejection of the Marxist/Socialist path that we are running down. The woes that we face now are the direct result of 40 years of a social engineering experiment that has failed to change our society's outlook into anything but the lawless, corrupt and greed-driven ideology that drives ALL Communist countries globally.

The false claims of the have/have not crowd that there is a class war going on simply no longer gel with anything that we see now because -- and I know it's a cliche -- "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

There are a few in the Liberal Party that know this but their left faction is so strong at present that I fear it will take a true Conservative/Nationalist Independent and nothing less than a social revolt before we can eradicate the mental disorder of liberalism that has infected every aspect of our lives.

Anyway , keep laughing at the lampoonery and if you agree with me then keep fighting the radical left before they achieve their ultimate goal in Australia and that is to destroy free speech and democracy.

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