Monday, September 29, 2008

Pigs at the trough everywhere

So much going on in the news of the world lately, I have felt like a kid in a Lolly Shop! From media "gotchas" about the pot smoking past of pollies...if that isn't the pot (no pun intended) calling the kettle black ... backfired nicely on the media hypocrites because Malcolm Turnbull came out of it looking like an honest man with guts. He also showed up about a third of the ALP who definitely had a puff or ten in their youth!

The ever moving PM's big moment was at the UN and his meet with Bono (does this useful idiot have a fold out bed in the grand hall?). Anyway, too bad Kev, no one noticed and guess what? no one cares!

The PM will realise very soon that when money is out the door, soft headed ideology such as the Global Warming scam flies straight out of the window. Now that the global fiscal chickens have come home to roost and the "social welfare, credit for all, we shall not discriminate", bullsh*t has been exposed for the road to ruin that is was expected to be, we are now finding out that G W Bush should be in the Democrat Party as he is clearly a fiscal socialist.

Kevin 707, who told everyone that he was a "fiscal conservative" during the last election has once again been shown up as a man of big words and no action by supporting the nationalisation of the US banking and insurance industry. If Hugo Chavez had done it he would have been rightfully labelled a Communist (which he is) but when a capitalist does the same thing they are held up as saving the world...what a very dangerous joke this is !

And what lesson has been learnt by offering social welfare to the Wall street mafia and robbing the US taxpayer by doubling the national debt?..none !

Of course we can all escape for 80 minutes this Saturday due to the upcoming NRL Grand Final, whilst Morris Iemma tries to get a little more than he is entitled to because HE believes that he deserves it!?! HA !

NEWS ITEM: "New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees is under pressure to refuse his predecessor extra perks after Morris Iemma enquired about his entitlements. A spokesman for Mr Rees has refused to confirm newspaper reports that the former premier asked for similar benefits to those of his predecessor, Bob Carr, when he made the enquiries. Mr Carr is entitled to the perks, such as a driver and office assistant, but Mr Iemma did not serve the minimum four years to qualify for them. The Opposition and the Greens say that would be outrageous. Greens MP Lee Rhiannon says Mr Iemma's regular entitlements are more than adequate. "His annual super pay-out is more than $100,000 and he gets free travel for life," she said.

The pigs above are all former Premiers of New South Wales

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