Monday, August 3, 2009


Kyle Sandilands sacked from Australian Idol

Kyle Sandilands has been dumped as a judge on Australian Idol, while the future of his radio job remains uncertain after an on-air stunt went wrong.

Network Ten programming boss David Mott announced on Monday that the station had sacked Sandilands as a judge on the TV talent show, which he has been working on since 2005.

It follows outrage over Sandilands' 2Day FM breakfast program last week when a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector and asked on air about her sexual history.

She then revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

Mr Mott said the network made the decision in light of the radio incident.


Really, if you think about it and know anything about the cheap stunts that this show puts to air regularly for it's less than average audience, then it was just a matter of time before they really did let their self delusion get the better of them.

Not being a big FM guy myself I really haven't given much attention to the Kyle and Jackie O Show but I have heard enough about them and seen enough of KyleSandilands' smart arse work to know that there is zero personal appeal for me. Interestingly though the stunt didn't seem to publicly raise much concern with ACMA (the Australian Communications and Broadcasting Authority) although that is not to say that there hasn't been private communication with Austereo (the stations broadcast group)

Kyle and Jackie have demonstrated an enormous amount of bad judgement and taste for agreeing to put a 14 year old on a "Lie Detector" (at all let alone without at least seven seconds of broadcast delay) and being the public faces of the show, they have faced the greatest amount of public outrage but it should really be said that the show's producers are the real instigators of this shameful segment -- and the number one villain in this sordid affair was and will always be the (step) mother of the poor girl in question. I am sure the Pink concert will now not hold such a prized expectation as she so obviously thought they would but I bet London to a Brick that this child (the mother) will still go to it.

Sandilands has through his management stated that he was "not fit to broadcast at this time" (cowardly ? maybe) and the station has of course canned the show indefinitely along with the announcement today that Kyle's position as a co-host on Australian Idol is no longer his.....hmmmmmm !?!

Call me cynical , and most do, but I believe there could be a little Machiavellian play at hand here and that this sudden fall from grace could actually be a lot more about raising a sympathy vote, which I am sure that the show and its presenters already have from their strong audience of pre-teens and morons who still find the whole thing a bit of a joke.

There is also a deeper lesson that can be learnt with a simple look at history, say the fall of the decadent Roman and French empires, when societies moral compass spun so out of control that eventually a return to a more civil and -- yes I'll say it -- "conservative" set of values and mores would return to readjust the balance of things.

What I think we are witnessing is that very swing back of the standards pendulum to the right and thus a push away from the mental disorder that is unchecked liberalism. Still we do have a lot of mess to fix up since the sixties and the progressives will not give up with out a fight.

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The Weasel said...

I understood that radio stations took risk management into account when they attempt stunts. Who approved the stunt? What possible worthwhile discovery could be made? I'm beginning to think those who have silenced me have not done so for good reasons, but similar reasons as those who have approved this. Kyle is a vain fool. I'm glad he is off Idol .. I might choose to watch it again.