Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was trying to think of a time when Australia and China have ever called themselves great friends and to this day I can't recall or trace that period, even before the rise of Communism. Sure every Labour Prime Minister has a go at getting closer and a few Libs too (Malcolm Fraser comes to mind) . Whether that be for diplomatic reasons relating to trade and commerce or simply that the two ideologies of Socialism (ALP) and Communism (CHINA) are not that far removed, it still cannot be said that our two countries and cultures have ever really mixed in harmony and brotherhood.

How can a country such as Australia, that believes in freedom and democracy and runs it's economy with a capitalist system ever aligned with the what is basically the extreme opposite to all that we are ?

It is purely for security reasons that we maintain the current diplomatic ties. Face it, if the Chinese want to conquer this country, I doubt that ever our kinship with the United States would stop them. The US has it's own interests in Australia but a nuclear exchange or even a conventional war with China wouldn't be worth risking and let's not forget the very important part that the US plays in the economic rise of China also: Put simply, they are China's' biggest customer. The Chinese will eventually take this country and I am sure, that through immigration and the inactions of future PM's, this will be done without a drop of blood being spilt. I don't want to see it and I doubt I will be around when it happens but maybe my great grandchildren will experience such a demographic and social change.

There is nothing you and I can do about it, as it is simply a matter of numbers and military/economic wealth, the two fundamental ingredients for world domination that China has and we do not. The Bamboo curtain has been slightly raised for the last decade or so and that was purely to obtain more trade relations for this Maoist nation with affluent the West> They needed more wealth and by goodness they have it. The country also has a monetary system that can remain independent of the US Dollar, internally speaking, as the Chinese Renminbi is non-exchangeable for any other currency. How's that for smart Commies!

Whilst Rudd panders and pretends to be some great personal friend of the Chinese rulers, all that he continues to do is show himself for the fraud that he is. Unless there is a people's revolution to overturn the communist government of China -- and I wouldn't expect that to happen ever -- then we shall spend our last days selling them our manufacturing industries/jobs and buying back our raw materials in the guise of cheap white goods, electronics and clothing.

The real point of this cartoon and the comments above is to understand that you should never underestimate your government's resolve to sugarcoat the truth. The totalitarian regime of the Socialist Republic of China is and has always been at odds with our view of humanity and its governance. Tourism and trade will never change any of that, and that is all we are prepared to do about it. This country is helping our natural Nemesis to become richer and hence stronger than us and our allies. There goes your inheritance kids !


Rock Cowles said...

Feel free to thank former US President Bill Clinton AKA Slick Willy for pushing NAFTA through and making so many things possible for China (Who is not our allie) and taking away US (And Australian) jobs.

ZEG said...
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ZEG said...

Spot on Rock, I blame that bastard Clinton directly for most of the worlds current woes. I bet he wouldn't get paid thousands for a speaking gig in old Serbia at present, I heard he isn't happy about flying over the country for fear they shoot him out of the air, and rightfully so. I reckon it goes back to the disgrace that was that peanut farmer Carter,,,, a mentor for smoking Bill no doubt.