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I really don't have a lot to say with regards to this one ......yes you can get off the floor now. The cartoon speaks clearly enough but I will ask you to read the inspiring letter that was recently published in the Australian Financial Review. The response was sent by the good people at AUSBUY. A wonderful organisation that I suggest we should all start to pay serious attention too........ before it's too late! Below is their Media Release:
The decisions, jobs and profits must stay here

(Response to Peter Ruehl’s article “Unions have got their knickers in a
twist, AFR, Thursday 23 July, 2009)

AUSBUY disagrees with recent discussion by Peter Ruehl, an AFR journalist who had some “boxer twisting” comments about his Davenports and the Unions wanting to protect Australian jobs. Citing the textile industry is a limited view. AUSBUY’s concern is that we are losing skilled jobs to foreign imports in strategic industries especially in engineering and food. If the decisions are not made here, the profits do not stay here and the jobs are not assured. If we do not own our businesses, who will pay off our burgeoning

Predatory foreign companies are now buying strategic industries at fire sale prices, creating long term debt for the country. Australians built these businesses and took the risks. Foreign companies will pay home office dividends before tax and ensure they get a healthy return on investment. We think exports are our salvation, but how many of our exports our owned by foreign owned companies because we have sold them the source and the whole supply chain?

We have stopped talking about productivity and value adding yet this is the way we will get out of this mess. We sell our resources and buy them back thousand fold in finished products. We sign Free Trade Agreements which are often to our disadvantage. We are foolish to think we can lead the world in tariff reduction. Anyone who has endeavoured to export knows that it is not a level playing field in anyone’s imagination than ours.

Mr Obama has said he is the President of the USA not president of the world and government money will be spent on USA businesses. Even USA banks are paying back their debt quickly to their government because of the high interest rates. At least the money is staying in their country. Our cash splash was borrowed from the USA wholesale market from whatever source that was. Our payback time will come. And how many new jobs did we create?

AUSBUY are not talking about protectionism. We are simply saying we want a fair go, and need to secure our strategic industries and keep controlling interest. Our unique attributes need to be protected. Our Clean Green agriculture, our innovations in science and medicine are recognised as significant. We have always performed above our weight. It is about time we recognised this ourselves. Short term thinking is limiting our future prosperity. We do not want to become tenants in our own country.

Mr Ruehl’s final spectre of a back lash from our export markets is a fallacy. Our exports are largely traded on the world markets. We have the commodities others want, and the quality and it would hurt their bottom line to shut their doors to us.

AUSBUY is a not-for-profit organisation which represents only Australian owned companies which make and supply goods and services here and overseas. The AUSBUY Guide Version 26 is in stores nationally in August for all Australians to find out how to support our own.

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