Thursday, August 6, 2009


No military guards on Australian military bases!

it sounds like a bloody cliche but here it is in all of its truth ...."The Australian Government will not take an Islamist Terrorist attack in Australia seriously until it actually happens and people are killed ". News story here.

All legal points of entry into this country - and as many are now aware, military establishments, - are currently being guarded by civilian security officers. These officers, who are only trained in the basics understanding of their legal obligations under the LEPRA act 2007, are NOT ARMED nor are they generally skilled in unarmed combat.

Just try to get into a European, American or British military based with nothing less than a medicare card or a drivers licence, backed up with some bullshit story about delivering a pizza and you will find yourself answering some very personal questions, physically searched and more than likely arrested as soon as the Military Police or Soldiers or Special Forces Police, armed with sub machine guns, realise that you may be a threat.

Do it here and you will probably get past without a single phone call being made and just a promise that you drop off a few slices of pizza for the security guard on the way out.

Rudd wants us to not panic and he will not raise the threat level above medium (does anyone really know what that means?) in order to keep the public calm. Sorry PM, but it is just more spin and rhetoric from you, and your team of con men, when you try to convince the Australian people that there is no real immediate danger to their lives from a terrorist attack even though ASIO and ASIS and the Federal and State Police have luckily foiled four (that I know of) genuine home land attacks since 11 September, 2001.

If you want Green Jobs(?) and a strong economy, then my suggestion to you, PM, is to give the people of Australia back their sense of security by removing private security from all government and critical infrastructure and replace them with the hardest and toughest and most heavily armed government officers and soldiers that we have.

The spooks are obviously doing a great job but they can and will miss the oddball who one day decides to walk into a domestic airport and start spraying bullets ............hmmmm, I guess not bullets were fired but that was no consolation to the man that was recently bashed to death in full public view at Sydney Airport. Imagine what a religious fanatic with a 7th century warped world view, with a bomb strapped to his body, would do. More food for thought.

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