Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like shooting fish in a barrel

You know it's almost becoming boring to have a shot at this current debacle of a New South Wales State Government. I guess it's a little refreshing to actually hear their own leader state, just six days ago... "To be honest, I've been disappointed with my performance on a number of fronts," Mr Rees said.

But is that really honesty or just a plain stupid and desperate way to avoid any more questions about the continuing incompetency of this Labour State Government?

I'd say it is the latter, and after making such a self deprecating public statement, is it a surprise to anybody that this Premier's job is now coveted by many in his flock. With colleagues like Senator Mark Arbib circling like a vulture over a rotting carcass and the constant speculation of another leadership spill, (almost a monthly event since he started in the job) I am surprised that the Premier hasn't taken a few months off, rather than the week long holiday that he is on now !

Last week Nathan Rees has apparently made comments in a letter to the Australian National Flag Association ahead of anniversary celebrations next month, stating that is is time to dump our beautiful Australian flag for a new design.

Some of the commentariat have said that this was just a another poor subversive tactic to divert attention from the Rees governments current woes.... Maybe?

However I am more inclined to see it as a gaffe from a man who is out of touch with the Australian ethos and clearly is allowing some inner hatred for England or the Monarchy or maybe it's his socialist bent getting the better of him? Is that what Nathan Rees wants to be historically remembered for, the man who changed the Aussie Flag?

Who really knows why he would bring up this old chestnut, that has been
bandied around for years and never gets approval, even from Republicans who have removed the idea of an independent government (which we are anyway) from the notion that we should throw away our national symbol and historic roots.

It is of course my opinion that one of our better Liberal politicians, Dr Brendan Nelson, who has just announced his retirement from political life, is one of the true Conservative men in the Federal Liberal Party.

Who could blame Dr Nelson for wanting to leave a sinking ship anyway, a ship that is listing so far to the left it might as well become apart of the Federal ALP fleet today. True Conservatives are actually looking outside of the current Federal Liberal party, for men and woman who represent their values and beliefs, and with Nelson out of the picture I believe that the pickings are very thin indeed.

In summary we have a Federal opposition with very left leaning ideas, a Federal Government who is pretending to be Conservative but is as Socialist as ever and a failed NSW State Government with severe confidence issues at the level of the Premier's office.

For an editorial cartoonist it's like shooting fish in a barrel..... but where's the fun in that?

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