Sunday, October 18, 2009

How much longer are we going to continue to close the gate after the horse has bolted?‏

Illegal immigrants are now flooding in

The Rudd Train of Hubris and Hypocrisy just seems to be able to go anywhere, regardless of tracks being laid or not. How can a man who once used opposition to the successful anti-people smuggling policies of the Howard government, as a way of siding with the soft headed lefties who were calling John Howard and the policies "inhumane" and "barbaric", to mention a just a few ridiculous claims, as well using the uproar of the "children overboard" crap and the Pacific Solution "outrage", have the grapes to stand before the world and proclaim from his high horse, that as PM he must now take a hardline against illegal immigrants (Oh and now it's fine to call them just what we weren't allowed to call them before).

See here for the latest policy brainwave

These economically-driven country shoppers, and that's all they are! are using every page in the book to play a game that was not even possible to play during the last administration. Rudd's abolition of Howard's Pacific Solution and obvious softening of the laws, that were sending a loud and clear message to these pirates trading in human flesh, may have seemed like the perfect pay off to the sick liberals who voted for it but obviously it has backfired in his face now.

An Op Ed about future directions here

Now he calls his policy the "Indonesian Solution" and in a way that is all he is doing. Rudd is dropping the hot potato, that he has cooked, into the lap of our nearest neighbour....WOW, WHAT A DIPLOMAT! No points for seeing how that will play out in the near future as far as our already tenuous relations are with that country.

I do wish that the left wing mafia of the Australian media would relax a little from the constant bashing the ashamedly disjointed Liberal Coalition and start to focus a little more on the BIGGER and more IMPORTANT issues/disasters that this current Labor Government are creating and or, are not dealing with. What is happening now was clearly predicted, when Rudd started changing policy, by the few level headed commentators about the press and the air waves but were only again shouted down as right wing sour grapes......Hmmmmmm!!!

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