Friday, October 9, 2009


Harry Connick Jr. objects to the use of blackface makeup on Australian TV

(Vegemite is a black sandwich spread much-loved in Australia. Children often get it in their lunches)

Will someone please put this wannabe Frank Sinatra back on a plane to his wonderful Dixie Land/New Orleans. Here is a guy who tells us that he loves Australia and it people....BULLSHIT! He is this out of time crooner, like all overseas acts talking about Australia as if we were nothing until he graced us with his presence and that he loves and respects the people (except maybe be for Hank from the Shadows and Leo Sayer) all the guy is here to do is to make money! If he truly loved the Aussie people then he should show that by understanding our unique sense of humour, yes Harry we like to take the piss. What he did the other night on Hey hey it's Saturday was nothing less than a little publicity stunt for himself, that he knew would help to push his personal agenda and promotion of his new album into the international media.

Media report here. Grab of the show below:

The skit itself was pure comic crap as a piece of good humour ticked no boxes, in fact that is the only real crime here. Now the claim is that a mix of ethnic subcontinental, European and Middle Eastern Australian Medical professionals were trying to express a racist view is one of the longest stretches I have ever seen. The only humour that I saw in this piss-take was the ironic fact that the Indian/Australian who played the part of the late Michael Jackson is in fact a plastic surgeon!

Get a life Harry Connick Junior and start taking some omega three fish oil because your memory is fading, mate. It was only a decade ago that you dressed up as a black minister and performed a parody based on a stereotypical understanding of the character for your buddies at MAD TV.......... busted badly you liberal fool.

Go home Harry, your music is crap and as far as I am concerned, I am surprised that you are still able to afford to tour.

Here is a link on the Connick double standard.

Note for the benighted: In Australian and Cockney slang, septic = septic tank = Yank

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