Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Cop, No good Cop

Both the Left and the Right of Australian politics are prepared to pass Warmist laws -- the ETS -- but most of the media coverage is focusing on what the conservative parties are going to do. Liberal Party leader, Malcolm Turnbull, is particularly in the spotlight

If you think that just maybe you have woken up in some alternative universe and that all those episodes of the Twilight Zone were actually based on fact!, then I wouldn't blame you.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of our way of life in the Western democratic world, with this madness that is the Emissions Trading Scheme (Really a TAX scheme). It is being used as the earthmoving shovel that will distribute wealth from the successful countries of the world to those that do not deserve it -- and the social changes will be heavily regulated under one world governance (oh, if you think I am raving, and going off on a conspiracy theory again, all I can say is, I hope I am truly wrong, otherwise, you ain't seen nothing yet). So try to comprehend just why an opposition party, that really does little opposing, is currently under scrutiny by the mainstream media and by the incumbent government as if they were actually implementing policy? Policy that will be the greatest change to the economic landscape since the introduction of the G.S.T. and the free trade market.

Unlike the G.S.T, which has gone a long way to keeping this country out of the red, this E.T.S will do the exact opposite. Get ready for the cold showers, endless blackouts, unaffordable living expenses etc etc and a return to the horse and buggy under a the new Communist style regime. As angry as I am towards the lack of conservative opposition being displayed by Malcolm Turnbull, that is nothing compared to the rage that I have towards the mainstream media -- which is doing its usual best to subjectively interrogate the right-wing establishment, even though they are not going to be the ones that will be signing the death warrant for Australia. Rudd and Wong's hand will be used for that purpose at the Climate Crap talks in Copenhagen in just a few weeks time.

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