Friday, October 30, 2009


Paedophile "rights" could be of some use after all

Now that Dennis Ferguson, with the assistance of his liberal minded mate and advocate, Brett Collins, and the world wide web, is the most famous paedophile of current times, then why not use this sick and staged image of Ferguson and Collins enjoying a Sydney beach full of children, as a real deterrent to the families who are risking all to get to Australia?


After all, I am sure that the economic basket-cases countries that these families flee are not as palatable as Australia financially, but, as far as the policy on just how we seem to value the lives and the "rights" of the most sick and criminally depraved minds in our midst, then maybe they might think again about just where their children may have a better chance.

I doubt there are too many countries in the world that even allow their child rapists to exist, let alone leave prison and then be allowed public funded welfare, housing and front page pleas for forgiveness and understanding.

I will say it again for those who have forgotten....the road the HELL is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS and never forget that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

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