Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Make a Deal‏

Kevvy is trying to pass the buck on illegal immigrants

Say what you want about any previous ALP Prime Ministers but at least they had some substance, some backbone. This train-wreck of a leader that we have now has displayed once again just how distant he really is from the true Australian ethos.

Not only is he not demanding that the Indonesians should sign the UN Refugee Convention of 1951 -- thus actually dealing with these country shoppers before they sail (or fly) off to the great southern land of liberal softies and no border security -- but now he is doing a deal by asking the Indonesians to do the right thing in controlling the disgusting trade of people-smuggling before it becomes our issue. He is even asking if we catch them first, can we can send them back to Indonesia and the Australian taxpayer will foot the bill for the costs incurred by the Indonesian Government?!? How can this be true?

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Who voted for this criminal? Really! put your hands up now, you are under arrest for treason!

Assuming that the Indonesians keep end of the bargain and don't fall prey to the corruption that we know exists in Kalathumpia, then just how are we going to pay for it?

We are facing no less than 300 billion dollars of debt thanks to Rudd's allegedly "Fiscal Conservative" economics and with the great global warming swindle about to play out off in Copenhagen, that will ensure that we have a negative credit rating for a hundred years. Would it be stupid of me to hope that Rudd might take a leaf out of the book of his Indonesian counterpart and actually start looking after the people who pay his wages? ........ yeah, pretty stupid!


I guess it runs in the family because the parochial offspring who have been running our states (into the ground for decades), in particular New South Wales, have once again shown their true lack of vision by not ensuring that there is a place for us to bury our dead. Instead you can bury them, if you have thousands of dollars to spend, on some private plot or you can just pop your loved one in the backyard. See here.

Come to think of it, I would rather be cremated and scattered, what's the point of a burial and tombstone that will be remembered for at least one generation and then slowly turn into a massively expensive home for weeds and mould? The point is, that the Leftist politicians are ALL thinking just three or fours years ahead and when they reach the magic number of "serving years", then it's the gravy train all the way to the their graves. Where's a man like Bradfield when we really need one?

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