Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fancy football footwork

Credit for this cartoon is certainly due to the great work and in particular, inspiring point, that was made just last night on Radio 2GB, by one of this countries most independent and impartial broadcasters, Brian Wilshire and his Producer/Broadcaster, Michael Mclaren. You see, whilst many were transfixed by the entertainment of the NRL Grand Final between the Melbourne Storm and the Parramatta Eels, on Sunday evening, few would have noticed yet another sign of the ever-creeping manipulation of the masses, that was so cleverly staged in the opening ceremony of the game by the propaganda machine of the Rudd Labour Government and helped along by the Main Stream LEFTIST Media.

What a wonder of a spectacle it was to introduce one of the Australian Army's Black Hawk helicopters as a part of the opening entertainment. Surely no one would have been looking at the Prime Minister whilst this beautiful machine was entering and departing the stadium. However, what no one (except for Brian and Michael) seemed to realise was that this was really just another way to exaggerate the already HYPED public opinion, that our Prime Minister is still the most loved man in the country.

What Michael and Brian pointed out was, that never before had a Prime Minister been able to appear at such a large sporting event without appearing on the big screen, thus avoiding the tradition boos and hisses that they normally would expect to get regardless of their so called popularity. Therefore in order for this not to occur, Team Rudd needed to create a diversion, thus the Black Hawk stunt was perfect. After all, no one would boo a Black Hawk Helicopter crew.

Earlier this week, the Chinese Government put on one of the biggest shows of military might and precision, in the now infamous Tienanmen Square, as a part of their celebration of 60 years of Communist rule. During such Stalinist events, the parading tanks would raise their canons as they past the leaders podium as a sign of respect and recognition. How ironic that our Chinaphile Prime Minister thought it fitting to have one of the latest symbols of our military might bow (salute) in mid flight towards his direction. Not only was it an act of pure hubris but as planned, a way for Rudd to get the recognition that he was there, without having his face appear on the big screen thus not suffering any negative publicity, as is usually the case at these large public events.

I am unable to provide a link source for this information because, put quite simply, there is nothing about it in any of the press or electronic media. Like their US counterparts with regards to the ever failing Messiah, President Obama, our media (generally speaking) is in love with this current Prime Minister and is also playing his fiddle with regards to his public relations game.

I really didn't care who won the game in the end (my team came in as wooden spooners this year) but I certainly do not think that the Australian people are on any winning side, when such symbolic and gutless attempts are made to protect, distort and hide the way that many democratically thinking people in this country really do feel about our leader. I mean really, a poll is as trustworthy as the local car salesman. I have never been politically polled and I don't know anyone who has been. I am sure there is some polling done but just how representative they are is ambiguous at best. However to be fair to any current polling I wouldn't be surprised if Rudd was in front by a fair margin, as the present conservative alternative government is imploding every time you pick up a newspaper or watch the TV news. I guess there is no surprise in the amount of coverage that this gets!

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