Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barry O'Farrell's contract with the people of NSW

Barry O'Farrell is handing out contracts to the people whilst Kristina Keneally has her staff working overtime at the G.M.T, to make sure that all possible incriminating evidence of the last decade and more of ALP rule, is shredded and cannot be used against her government, which she clearly knows has Buckley's of winning this race.

What amazes even me, is that no matter what she shreds, this "lame duck" Premier could never hide all of the lies, waste, incompetence and just downright bad governance -- and even if she set the Governor Macquarie Tower on fire and reduced it to ashes, everything that matters is on the political record, media record and on the net!

If there are any outside of government personalities who were doing any business deals with the Government, then I am sure the new Government will be receiving phone calls from them also.

I just hope that this time this government will take these names and numbers, see what they want, find out how it was done in the ALP days and if any of it seems a little shady, then call in the authorities to deal with them. Then notify the media and expose and remind us all again just why in four years from now we should not forget the dark ages of the NSW ALP. Remember it's going to take a hell of a long time to clean up the mess in Japan but even longer to fix the mess left by the ALP in N.S.W.!

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