Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Independent Free Speech - WINDSOR STYLE‏

I as a political cartoonist have certainly had my share of threatening and insulting emails concerning my take on political and social issues. So what! I choose to stand up and have my say both with the written word and with my cartoons and as a result I have naturally received constructive and very nonconstructive critique for my efforts. Great I say, bring it on because that is the beauty of living in a country where freedom of speech is the foundation stone of our democracy. If Independent MP, Tony Windsor, thinks that he can please all the people all the time then he should get out of politics today!!!

His claim that talk show hosts are being used in a contrived attempt to bring down the Gillard/Brown government via public on air debate over the proposed Carbon Tax is beyond ridiculous and is a slap in the face of our democratic right to have our say. Surely as a politician, Tony Windsor would appreciate that he may have to make unpopular choices to further what he believes is in the best interests of the country. The Carbon tax is obviously one of those choices that he is backing -- and I am sorry to tell you this Tony, but you are most probably in the minority as to the ultimate value that this tax will have on the Australian economy and way of life. PM Gillard never had a mandate to introduce this Carbon Tax and neither do you. If thousands of Australians choose to write to newspapers and or ring up Talk Back radio stations to air their grievance about this policy then who are you to say that they can not? and just who do you think you are to create a conspiracy theory because a few hot heads have left a few nasty voice messages on your message service.

I don't agree with the tone or the words of these voice mailers and really if they have threatened you then clearly the Police will investigate that crime. In the meantime suck it up mate, stand up for what you believe in and stop comparing the act of one lone nut job in the USA with our public debate about a very public issue. If you can't stand the heat mate, get out of the kitchen!

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