Thursday, March 24, 2011

The "No Carbon Tax" protester critique‏

Report of the rally here

The Left are upset because of a few banners that called Juliar Gillard a witch or a bitch or something along those lines. It doesn't matter; it was a free and democratically protected protest. What does matter here is not only the hypocrisy of the Left in this country, which clearly has no bounds, but that these outraged Gillard and Brown supporters who are in favour of a economy destroying carbon tax, are now calling for an end to freedom of speech unless of course you agree with their rose-coloured and distorted ideological wet dream view of the world.

Those who used a few expletives to express their justified outrage against an elected Prime Minister (tic) who stated clearly that she would not introduce a carbon tax and who now unapologetically reverses her pledge, are now being demonised as extremist of the far Right? And even called crazy and members of the KKK by actual ALP parliamentarians......WHAT THE....????!!!

It's as if the collective memory of the collective socialist left (and that's the Labour Party and the Greens dear reader) has suddenly and conveniently disappeared. I mean, this critique is coming from people who are famous for so called outrageous stunts and protest banners: Nazi symbols painted on images of our former PM John Howard and an effigy of John Howard kissing the rear end of the former US President G.W. Bush immediately spring to mind. I didn't say anything when I saw that because I thought, that's typical and the insult holds no ground in changing my views and my critique of it will not change theirs, so what's the point?

To say that a few defamatory slogans about their preferred PM should justify this name calling, horror and disgust is, as I have said early, hypocrisy of the highest order.

Seems the Left in this country and particularly the Leftist media need a history lesson and this cartoon should educate a few of them. Alas, most will continue to live in denial regardless of the facts; and that includes science.

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