Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The return of Pauline Hanson‏

Pauline is back! You beauty. I applaud this gutsy and patriotic Australian. She is not a racist because she sees the many failing factors of multiculturalism and our current immigration policy, as many of us do! She isn't a hypocrite because she is the child of immigrants, married a European man, employed an Asian woman to run her business and rented her home to an Aboriginal family. Does that sound like a racist to you?

She is only guilty of rejecting the fear that comes with political correctness and is saying just what many, many are to afraid to in public and boy doesn't that rattle the left and the major parties! Oakeshott and Windsor should take a good look at this lady and learn just what it is to be a true independent.

What I like about this politician is that she really isn't one. She is on a crusade to return Australia to the great and multiracial nation that it once was and is certainly not short of the support of many Australians who believe in what she stands for. The leftist media are salivating at her reappearance because now they have a new football to kick around and chase all over. They will try to test her but clearly they have learnt nothing. The questions will always be about her time with One Nation and never about her policies on health, transport, law and order etc, which I have heard today and agree wholeheartedly.

Any independent person who scares the major and minor parties so much must be on a good thing. The writing was on the wall for the Libs in Queensland back in the early noughties and in 2003 she was seen as such a threat that she was unjustly imprisoned for fraud. She is in fact our first and let's hope only political prisoner ( Bronwyn Bishop said that) and it is with a bowed head of shame that I cannot deny the involvement or the Liberal Coalition in the crime to have her gaoled. Of course she was acquitted of the crime after doing some time and as far as I know has never seen a penny of compensation for being wrongfully imprisoned.

The ALP are not off the hook either as they were just as damning of her then and now the lame duck Premier Kristina Keneally, has immediately used her application to run in the next State Election for the NSW Upper House as an excuse to distance her party from the false allegations of her racism and undesirable policies.

Unlike the Keneally Governments many undesirable policies at least Pauline stands for honestly, integrity, courage and national pride. What does Kristina stand for other than waste and staying in power. The Greens have accused Pauline Hanson of having decisive policies! which is just about the most stupid thing I have ever heard because I doubt there is any one policy on the platform of any political party that can not be seen as decisive or controversial to someone. Must I remind the Greens of their long list of wacky minority policies, legalising some illicit drugs comes to mind!!!

So , GO PAULINE GO, get in there and speak up for the silent majority and try to keep the bastards honest..... if that is possible?

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Ruby of Qld said...

Thank you Zeg. That is what we like to hear. I have always wondered why the big parties were so afraid of Pauline Hanson. She truly does say what the vast majority of us are thinking.

I wish her every success and I hope she can withstand the spiteful comments from both the left and right side of politics.

The male Independents? will look on in amazement at the trash that will be heaped upon her. I thought being Independent was not to be beholden to any politicial party. Oakeshott and Windsor please take note.

Well, the die is cast and Pauline will need all her strength to cope with the next few weeks. I well remember that when she made her maiden speech to Parliament all of the male members of the other parties walked out. It was a very good speech too but the media only reported one aspect of it and we all know what that was.

Pauline has since proved to be right in all she said. Immigration is all out of roprtion, Trade Unions have too much power for an organization that has only 20% support. Law and order has broken down because of weak political laws, etc.

It looks as though the "big boys" are still afraid of being shown up.

Go Pauline, Go.