Friday, March 11, 2011

The new feminist push for quotas

There are not enough women in Corporate Australia's big board offices? RUBBISH! One such recent claim here.

This is the cry of women who either haven't got what it takes to break through the so called "glass ceiling" or have tried and just can't get there yet: You poor dears. I wonder if Julia Gillard, Julie Bishop, Kristina Keneally, Quentin Bryce, Gale Kelly, just to name a few Australian woman in the big world of Politics and Business, would be where they are now if it wasn't for their determination, courage, intelligence and talent? Of course not and they are not in these roles because they are simply female!

To say that there is a male conspiracy to keep the ladies down and back in the secretarial pool or behind the sink is just insulting to women in general. The sexual revolution of the fifties, sixties and seventies was certainly needed to iron out the many cases of unfair work and pay conditions for women in general.

I am sure there are presently enough anti discrimination laws in this country to protect a woman's wage rates and conditions if she feels that her sex is the cause of her not getting the same as the boys. In fact when it comes to industrial relations, women have it far better than men, especially when it comes to work status --- i.e. part time when looking after kids or the arrangements with maternity leave etc as opposed to paternal leave which is rarely offered to new fathers or even taken up. I bet there are many men out there who do not even know that they have such legal rights under this act.

International Women's Day is used as the catalyst for this annual debate but really it is just more of the same socialist agenda and now the talk is leading to the usual socialist need for more regulation of your life. To actually make it law (which is being proposed by the ACTU) to have a certain percentage of females in the corporate boardrooms, is not only more BIG BROTHER (or is it SISTER? No it's COMRADE) but to regulate the sexes of your employees is truly patronising women and insulting their ability to earn any position in any occupation via their own merit, which incidentally is the ONLY reason why anyone should be in any position of employment in the first place.

Tell the Marxist Germaine Greer's of this world that their bra burning days are well and truly over and that normal people in our society do not and should never see ones sex as a reason to employ or not employ a person. The job is sometime sexually orientated of course. Female fashion models need to be female, Ruby players in the NRL need to be male, some jobs are just done better by men and or by women but that doesn't mean that there are no male fashion models and no female rugby players, just not at certain levels yet and that can always change too. God knows so many so called "norms" in our society are under attack and sometimes this is for the better and sometimes for the worse but what is definitely for the worse is to legislate laws that say you must employ or appoint people based on sexual orientation. This is a slippery road into the dark if you ask me.

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