Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The No Carbon Tax Rally

You would honestly think that if the PM really had the courage of her convictions regarding anthropological climate change (and that her Carbon Taxing system will reverse the effects of natural climate change and that there will be enough "TAX CUTS" to compensate the entire nation who will be affected by it), then you would have to expect that she would face the thousand or more rightfully concerned Australians rallying against this tax at Parliament House Canberra.

There would be a mix of voters and ages attending the protest but I believe that many are of a conservative mindset and more than most are of the older generation. You see with age comes wisdom and these Australians are speaking out not only for their own concerns relating to the ever rising costs and the impost of a tax that will have no real effect on climate but they are there representing those of us who couldn't get the day off work or the day away from study to be there ourselves.

When you have people who have NEVER protested about anything in their lives, massing in front of our Parliament House, holding NON CARBON TAX banners high, then one can only assume that if you as the PM really thought that you were imposing policy that is truly popular thing then you would face these people and answer their genuine concerns. You would also think that if you believed that you were on the side of what is correct for the economy and the future of the environment, as you continue to claim, then you would silence your critics with a referendum on the tax. You would expect that of a true Leader!

Juliar Gillard didn't claw her way to the top because she lacked intelligence, rather the opposite, she is very intelligent and it is clear that she is using her intelligence to avoid a fight that she cannot win based on truth and logic and a referendum defeat over her and the Greens Socialist Agenda to tax us all back to the stone age and redistribute the wealth just like the good little communist she is. She is smart alright but she has made one major error in her hubris claim..... she has underestimated the intelligence and selfless spirit of the very Australian people that she claims to represent and lead.

Thank you to all those that attended the Canberra rally and all those that will attend the many more rallies to stop this insidious and dangerous tax.

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Glenisd said...

My comment is that I would like to see a full investigation as to the identity of them individual who sidles in behind Mr Abbott with his slogan" "Brown's bitch". My hunch is that he was a Hawker Britton plant.

Another stunt like the hatchet job
Mark Riley of Ch7 tried to pull on Tony Abbott. I would love to be proved right!