Monday, August 31, 2015

The future success of OUR fight starts NOW!‏

This one speaks clearly enough to those who didn't swallow the red pill at birth.

Just for those who haven't been paying attention though. It is vital to recognise the enemies of our basic freedom and democracy -- and I am not talking about the obvious threats, rather the enemy within.

Whether the Left do this subconsciously because the decades of Marxist Social Engineering have been so successful, or because  they are just that stupid, they cannot see that the world, that they so blatantly promote as the ideal, is in fact being betrayed by their naive actions.

I say that the "Useful Idiots" and "Usual Suspects" of the current so called "Progressive generation", are now making it that much easier for ALL OF US to lose our hard earned Liberty/Democracy/Capitalism and to become slaves of both or either a Political and or Theological ideology.

These "New Age" and "Enlightened Progressive" members of Western Society, believe that they have all of the answers to problems of human violence both internationally and domestically.  They claim  that BOYS grow up to be future Dictators, Warmongers and even wife beaters because they were over exposed to such things as Tom & Jerry Cartoons, Power Rangers, Cowboy & Indians, Cops & Robbers and the worst juvenile crime of all,.... PLAYING SOLDIERS. In this commentators opinion they are .....JUST PLAIN WRONG AGAIN!

Child psychological studies world wide have proven that normal boys gravitate naturally to rough play and toy guns and to playing out conflict scenarios, to be the good guy who defeats the bad guy, whilst their sisters go about playing Tea Parties, Nurse and Mummy with their dolls and Barbie Fun Houses.

Still, the Leftist default argument put forward to debunk this science is the standard rebuttal of, "What about the existence of Tomboy girls and those boys that like to play jumprope?"  As if to provide evidence that no difference exist between the minds of a boy and a girl in the formative years.

Alas, in the Left's fairy floss, sugar coated candy apple, rainbow coloured world, boys and girls are the same, "THEY ARE EQUAL" but  in their usual nonsensical hypocrisy, the boys must play like  girls because girls are more mature, nurturing -- and somehow this will rub off on the adolescent Neanderthals in waiting!

To this point they are dangerously correct because it has also been shown in studies addressing this question, that it does rub off and boys who are not allowed to be boys are more likely to be either sexually disturbed as adults or just be more limp wristed members of the male collective, confused about their identity and who are never going to want to follow that natural male instinct to join any National Defence Force, in order to protect their "PERFECT WORLD".

Yet another example of the LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS in action,  as well as the slow but sure, SUICIDE OF THE WEST!

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