Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Read it, Believe it, because WE PRINTED IT!‏

What I am bringing to your attention now would have absolutely no precedent in the history of modern media. Sure, when John Lennon was murdered on this day in 1980, most Western newspapers ran the story as a lead issue and the editorials were of course independent of that paper's particular staff. The same when Kennedy was assassinated, Iraq invaded, Princess Diana dies, the end of the Second World War etc, etc. All major events and all just as important to a wider audience.

My point is that they all had their own independent comment. So how is it that this global scam and massive move to socially engineer the world according to the chosen few who have held close to the Marxist doctrine, are now not only getting front page promotion of their great gab fest in Copenhagen but are also given the identical editorial content from one source? Where is the independent reporting?

This is not reporting the news, it is pure propaganda, and all a part of the Global Governance policy launch. The original author from that notoriously leftist rag, The Guardian, is being repeated, word for word in about 57 Western Newspapers

Now do you believe me when I say that there is a conspiracy and that the so-called “free press” has no real connection to freedom, rather to a master that plays the tune that they must now dance to? Like I said, unprecedented INDENTICAL coverage is a glaring admission of the solidarity of the Socialist left who have removed objectivity from the media and replaced it with a form of censorship and masked control. Yes, that is why they call it the “Power of the Media” and why Karl Marx called them “USEFUL IDIOTS”

The true shame of it for the Australian people is that it is their elected Prime Minister who is charging ahead with the plan and spruiking the E.T.S and the lie that the Western industrial world is responsible for naturally-occurring climate change. We need a hero, not only to save Australia but also to save all the Western Democracies, and we need that hero now!

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