Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well! The year is over and we can all sit back and reflect for moment on 2009. Sorry if the cartoon is a little dark and cynical but that's the way I see it all and I guess the truth hurts some folk.

Sure, there were good things that happened in 2009, I mean we managed to be one of the only first world economies to remain away from recession and I guess you have worked out that it wasn't all due to Rudd's vote buying, I mean, stimulus payments. Of course not!.... it was the very driven and thoughtful efforts of the Costello treasury and the restraint of the conservative Howard government that was the true reason behind our fiscal salvation.

I guess there were one or two success stories in the world of politics and certainly one of my top ten events was the overthrowing of the soft left, small L Liberal Party leadership of Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey. Certainly a real coup for true conservative voters in this country, because now we have a team that will fight hard in opposition.

Ever been to a footy game and both sides as so evenly matched that no one scores or really tries to beat the other side? Pretty boring and senseless really, but now we have a game, a real game of opposing teams and this year is the GRAND FINAL because this year we have a Federal Election and that is why I say "Bring it on" because I have a great feeling about 2010.

I think a lot of that feeling is based on a belief that Rudd reign of spin, waste, big government and spending will be ended by the voice of conservative Australia, Tony Abbott.

Have a happy and safe celebration and I wish all of us, a safe, successful and prosperous 2010, no matter what on side of the political or ideological fence you sit..... except for Communists, you have a bad year, OK!


Ozstudent said...

I like your style Zeg. Go you good thing!

Couldn't agree more about the high point in the political year.

Insult to the intelligence really, young Mal. And what a bad looser. I feel a bit chagrined as I once had a wee bit of respect for him. But I was younger then and like you say discounted a lot of advice re governmental agenda as paranoiac ravings.

I'm a bit more alert now and hope some more of my age group (60) are rubbing their eyes and looking around. If we want to leave the Australia of our youth for our grandies. They had better get their heads outa the sand, hook up the internet in the motor home or pop top and start agitating. We have no right to be complacent.

Great comment on Peter Spencer too. No motorhome or retiring for me.I'm utterly welded to my land. Yep I'm a farmer just like Peter Spencer and his fight is my fight. Surely urban Australia can see that... being the home owners they are. Actually I found you from the AGMATES forum site and they report lots of support for Peter from urban Aus and that's great news.

glenisd said...

Hear Hear Zeg. The mainstream papers are already starting the election campaign for more Rudd and Labor - why, I'll never know.
Glowing predictions of a landslide victory for Labor. Dire predictions for Tony Abbott, plus a great shortage of election funds for them and major injection of funds for Labor from the Unions.If the Australian people fall for this spin again Australia ois finished.