Friday, December 4, 2009

ET TU BRUTE...The Red Hot Go, IS GONE!‏

It just gets better and better in the world of Australia's interesting, backstabbing, puppet-master politics and if the Federal explosion wasn't enough for you last week, then let's bring on the NEW SOUTH WALES Labor Government. Never ones to be up staged, they have rushed to the decks of the Titanic and this time they are not reshuffling the deck chairs, they are fighting over them for the best seat to watch the ship go down in 2011.

With the factional left's "RED HOT GO MAN" -- former Premier Nathan Rees -- feeling the knives of the always dominant right faction of this state's ALP, talk about "ET TU BRUTE"! We are now blessed with the extremely articulate, and extremely well-educated and former American citizen, PREMIER KRISTINA KENEALLY.

The "I'm nobodies puppet" and certainly "Nobody's girl" is in fact not only the fourth Premier in as many years (are we in Italy?) but is our first female Premier here in New South Wales. See here

Well, I wish her luck and hope that she can return some reminiscence of governance to this state, although it is a shame that this beautiful and ambitious woman has been given her shot at the top job after such a long and disastrous trail of failure by her male predecessors -- and also a shame that she choose the Labour Party to launch her political career.

I will not write her off as just a stooge for the ALP power-brokers of the right faction; I just don't know that to be true and she may just be able to get this state back in order. This of course will not happen overnight nor will it be done by the time of the March 2011 election, but just maybe she can return a sense of accomplishment to the Labour Party as well as the State and make opposition leader, Barry O'Farrell's job that much easier, when he does win that next election. This I am sure of!

Note from JR: "Et tu Brute" is Shakespeare's version of Caesar's last words. Educated Romans spoke Greek. Reports close to the time say that Caesar's actual words were "Kai su, teknon?" (You too, child?)

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glenisd said...

Maybe they need more female Labour politicians as the men have been shown to be inept failures. However Anna Bligh should not be used as a role model. Of course, she may be following instructions from her masters on the Titanic.