Wednesday, December 2, 2009


From George Santayana, 1905: 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' -- Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense.

Thus the reason why Malcolm Turnbull and Mr. "I'll please everyone" (Joe Hockey) lost the battle for control of the Liberal party and the chance to give Chairman Rudd his big bragging rights at Copenhagen.

The man who didn't forget the lessons of the past, Tony Abbott, was a man who remembered just what happened to one of his previous bosses, former Liberal Party leader, Dr. John Hewson, when he tried to introduce an unexplained tax on the people and as a result the country got P.J.Keating as the PM.

I do really get the feeling that the common man and woman is starting to not only see through the ALP spin and rhetoric in general but that they are waking up to the fact that Anthropogenic Global Warming is just as fantastic a fraud as any other global con pushed on mankind in recent times. From the great and dangerous hole in the Earth's ozone layer to the Zionist conspiracy to take over the world and who could forget when the world that was going to end at the stroke of midnight, December 31 1999 due to the Millennium Bug!

What Tony Abbott, and Senator Nick Minchin have done, guided by the lead of Senator Barnaby Joyce of the Nationals and Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, ranks as one of the bravest moments in Australian political history, and really, when was the last time you heard of an Australian politician actually thinking of the welfare of the nation before their own political careers?

The growing rise of the Conservative movement will mark the beginning of the end for the Socialists and the fight has just began. Abbott has promised that -- so sit back folks and witness democracy in action.


Cheryl said...

The History behind where we are today:

Although this is USA in focus it also covers the manipulation of politics throughout the world by a small international group and cites the writing of an insider of that group.
Real Conspiracies: Past and Present:

Another very well documented article (fully half of the document is references) focuses on the takeover of our food supply. Again the primary focus is the USA but the implementation has been carried out worldwide especially since the World Trade Organization Agreement on Agriculture.

History, HACCP and the Food Safety Con Job

Finally the political maneuvering behind the US Federal Reserve Act is very instructive since the same families are behind global warming. Just look into Maurice Strong frontman for The Rockefellers, the Morgans and The Rothchilds.

The creature from Jekyll Island

Secrets of the Federal reserve:

A PRIMER ON MONEY a 1964 Congressional Committee document

Ayrdale said...

You are so right...

The Fabian socialists (aka the green left) have bet the house and the farm on AGW. Climategate has crumbled IPCC credibility, Copenhagen is sunk and on going debate with the likelihood of more revelations from the CRU whistleblower will see a rise in the polls for Tony Abbott.

See also...

Steve at the coalface said...

Can I nitpick a bit here:

Abbott has promised that -- so sit back folks and witness democracy in action.

This is exactly what we don't need. Now that the fight has finally started, we need to keep it going.
Support your MP's who are standing up to this nonsense. Suitably berate those who don't. Find ways you can get the message out there. Do something.
I realize you may be speaking figuratively, but it is important that we don't get complacent now that an actual conservative is in. Him and his fellow conservatives need your help to fight this battle. There is so much ignorance out there - we still have a huge fight ahead of ourselves.

The Weasel said...

I regret having acted as a mouthpiece for Senator Boyce. I will never do so again, unless she rescinds her opposition to anti global warming policy.

glenisd said...

One of the greatest things that has happened and what was the biggest influence in the events of the past week was the Internet. At last a quick and easy way to contact your politicians and give them your thoughts. No snail mail.
We must also oppose the "filtering" of the Internet.
There are many poeple now receiving the material from the Conservative Party that the left wing media would not print. Also Parliament passed an edict that Conservative politician mail would be censored and if there was any reference of the Govt's shortcomings it would be blacked out. Now they can send us their Hansard speeches, etc, without inteference. There is honesty on the Web, not spin.