Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Are ONE!?!

32 days ago a frustrated and desperate New South Wales Monaro district grazier, Peter Spencer, took the most drastic of all steps and threatened to end his life, as protest, in a slow and painful way by starving to death. He obviously took this path as all other avenues for his plea and that of his fellow farmers, had fallen on deaf ears in the offices of the bureaucrats who created a law, THE NATIVE VEGETATION ACT, that single handedly steals land from a land owner so that some wild native growth can flourish and reclaim the hard worked, productive land of the farmer , regardless of ownership or right.

The same bureaucrats that will not listen to common sense or logical reason and still listening too and pandering too the crazies in the Socialist/Leftist Green Party who are determined also top prove that human beings are a subordinate species on this planet and that animals and vegetables are equally at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

The last time I checked, this free and democratic country was is need of the labours of our rural community. I am sure that food is not manufactured in a lab in a suburb in a local city, thus bringing me to the logical conclusion that farmers and the rural communities of Australia are now considered as no longer needed because the return to the dark ages has started and it will only finish in us all eating selected food from other countries, or what we are permitted to grow in our backyards and taking cold showers as we walk another 30 kilometres to work in the candle factory.

That sound a little far fetched? well if you had told me 10 years ago, that any farmer, the backbone of the nation, was to be ever treated like this because the Government believes that vegetation is now more important than his livelihood or the nation's food source, then I might have agreed with you that it is all a mad conspiracy theory.... but what a difference a socialist movement makes in such a short time!

Is NSW ALP Premier number four, Kristina Keneally, doing anything about this? NO, instead she is playing Santa Claus and PR games as a co-host radio announcer on the Sydney airwaves, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

If this brave man is forced to die for this worthy of all causes then it will be the Rudd and state Labor Governments that will have the blood of Peter Spencer on their hands and no matter of spin will wash it off, EVER!

I would suggest that you put down your beer and pick a pen or log onto the net and write a letter to your local member of parliament to advise them that you too will not stand by and watch an Australian farmer die because he didn't believe that any Government had the right to steal his land. That you demand that your voice is heard via the member's representations and that if it is not done today, then that member will never expect your vote again.

Australians, we are one....well let's prove it again shall we!

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The Weasel said...

As a means of protest I don't like starvation. I note the Greens who were claiming it for Global Warming limited their starvation to a mere five hours a day in some cases. Some people have to sleep. My feeling when Bobby Sands was starving himself was a wish he would be successful. He was, but he didn't achieve anything worthwhile. I won't resort to starving myself for my issue, but I recognize we have common cause, Peter and I. I want to work with him in a long life.
As for the issue Peter is protesting, Peter is correct. The law is ridiculous and we need fewer, but better, ones.