Monday, December 7, 2009


New conservative leader starts out well; will give Rudd a run for his money; opposes Rudd's Warmist laws

As our very own “little corporal” wings his way to the Copenhagen junket, we are reminded of his latest poll result, as the preferred PM. Following the defeat of his Emissions Trading Scheme (TAX) and the overthrow of his “MAN BEHIND ENEMY LINES”, Malcolm Turnbull.

And no this is not a honeymoon period rating, as the ever-obedient Ruddites in the media would have you believe. This is a simply the response of Rudd’s working families who can now see the PM as a man of symbolism and rhetoric rather than a man of substance and national pride.

Mr. not-so-popular, Kevin Rudd, will now try his best -- and I’m sure in his best Mandarin Chinese -- to gain his seat on the United Nations Security Council by pandering to the likes of other populous panderers such as the UK PM Gordon Brown. Brown, just like his Australian counterpart, is suffering in the polls, and he too has a laundry list of domestic and economic troubles that he sees as taking second place to this great performance piece which the Useful Idiots” are now calling “HOPENHAGEN”. Well I call it “DOPENHAGEN”, because any world-leader that attends this farce and expects to come up with a global agreement on just how to stop natural climate change (anthropological climate change is a myth!) is as much a dope as he is powerful.

Imposing any sanctions or cap and trade schemes on the industries of first world economies, in the name of sharing the wealth and taking the blame for invention and initiative, will result in such outrage by the people of these nations, who will find that their hard earned way of life is now measured and equalised with the third world, that not one of them should expect to be in Government for very much longer.

I am convinced now that Rudd isn’t concerned with a second term in the Lodge, as his eye is clearly on a prominent seat in the UN -- which has evolved from a paper tiger into the headquarters of the socialist worldwide new world order. I still can’t find anyone who admits that voting for Kevin O7 was a great move for Australia. Thank God for Tony Abbott, so much depends on his bravery in opposition.

“Enjoy the Global Warming in Denmark Kevin and Penny, it’s bloody cold up there at this time of the year!” ……just as it has been every year previously and will be into the far future.

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glenisd said...

How delightful. I have not read thie Zeg column before.