Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who's been Naughty or Nice?

I thought I'd better get a Christmas toon done before old Saint Nick comes a knockin.

Speaking of fiction and fictional characters, the man posing as our Prime Minister, has snuck back into the country, avoiding all the obvious questions about the failure of his junket in Copenhagen and just why a bowl of soup cost the Australian tax payers $50.00 a bowl.

Apart from the obvious fraud and political grandstanding that the entire event was based on and is, the so called "GLOBAL COMMUNITY" found no agreement and the only winners economically speaking, were the hospitality and service industries of Copenhagen.

Ofcourse " Heretics" and "Flat Earthers" like me will agree that there was no point to the entire conference because the entire premise that the agreement that they wanted, is based on entirely unscientific fiction but even the "Zealots" of the Anthropological Climate Change Religion, were also ripped off, as clearly their voices were not obeyed either.

In the final extended hours of this fraud, the so called leaders of the first world "THE GUILTY ONES" pushed through a Cap and Trade agreement that is supposed to reduce global temperature by 2 degrees in a few years. I'll believe that plan when my stools turn a rainbow colour and smell like peppermint sherbet.

Really, these fools couldn't even organise a decent cheap meal for the thousands that attended the gabfest, so just how are the "LORDS OF THE CLIMATE" the "CIRCLE OF COMMITMENT" going to effect the world's temperature? What a bl**dy insult to every ones intelligence and again another waste of our money!!!

As long as they get their little plan of a global tax started, as small as it is now, then the Spivs, the politicians on the UN payroll and the Bankers will see 2010 in with a grin rather than the massive groan that the rest of us will be sharing.

This is just the tip of the melting iceberg folks and guess what? so many of you wanted this and now you have it.

With all my cynical breath and ink stained fingers aside, I wish you and your family a Safe, Merry and Holy Christmas and a hope of a prosperous New Year. I wish to thank John Ray for his brilliant administration of my web blog and his constant support, I just wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for him.

Also a huge thank you to the management and staff at Sydney Talk/News Radio Station 2GB, for posting my work on their website and helping to get my stuff seen by the general public. Also a big thanks to Tom Switzer, editor of THE SPECTATOR AUSTRALIA magazine, for believing in me and giving me a shot at making my dreams of becoming a published political cartoonist that much more of a reality. I would also like to thank the many of you out there who have replied to me with your support and even your criticism. All has been appreciated greatly, some even taken on board seriously, I hope you have enjoyed my cartoons and comments this year and I look forward to bringing you more of my observations of life in 2010.

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