Thursday, August 13, 2015

And the March just keeps going on.

Homosexual "marriage":

Politically speaking  PM, Tony Abbott has been wedged in by this divisive tool of the Left and not so much by the "Useful Idiots", as by his Cabinet colleagues and Conservatives and Liberarians everywhere. He is now committed to making this nonsensical non-issue of SSM, an election issue, which is why I question his leadership sometimes!

If he had publicly stated, when this rubbish reared it's ugly head again, (I say again because Julia Gillard killed it off for her own political purposes just a few years earlier. Funny, no outrage from the Left then!) that this complaint by the Homosexual Lobby has nothing to do with religious convictions or social equality or even legality, but all about the Leftist agenda to divide us, then he could have turned the debate around by identifying this truth.

This sort of acknowledgement would then have assisted a lot of his supporters to find the courage to not take this Marxist bait by engaging in their hyperbole and false emotive claims. I cannot believe the number of my Conservative and Libertarian friends who are just now hearing about Gramsci's "The Long March Through the Institutions", let alone having no real concept that the true objective of Socialism is Communism.

That's actually what concerns me the most, WHY HAVE WE STOPPED FIGHTING THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY? The answer is pretty obvious to me now, WE HAVE SIMPLY BECOME LAZY AND COMPLACENT.

After previous generations did all the heavy lifting, fighting and making the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can have the way of life that we now just take for granted. The recently wounded Left are now using our freedom of speech to destroy freedom itself.

I know that you've heard it before but I must repeat "THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS VIGILANCE". We celebrated when the Soviet Union fell but we also stupidly kept partying on, lowered our guard and ignored the enemy within. Now this ever determined ideology is  forcing us to argue and divide, even within like minded ranks.

In their Long March to destroy the foundation stones of Western Society and actually forcing a Conservative and Catholic Prime Minister to consider the legitimacy of the latest excreta thrown into our dinner as something we should vote about?

Please my friends, stop engaging in the fight under their rules with them and each other and read a bit more about these Communists that you think have left the stage of humanity.

Also NEVER STOP underestimating our enemies' resolve to take generations to take over your freedom. The "Reds under the Bed" cliche has never been more a truth than today.

Our ignorance is no longer an excuse and we do not honour our grandparents and parents' struggle nor do we protect and ensure a free future of our children, by playing their game and/or doing nothing.

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