Friday, August 14, 2015

Conspiracy favours the desperate‏

Justice Heydon forced to pull out of Liberal fundraiser as ALP calls for TURC shutdown

Can't you just imagine the ALP caucus room midnight emergency meeting of the executive and what was said?

"We had him on the ropes, Comrades but he's managed to postpone thus dodge the Same Sex Marriage distraction plus we can't rely on Bronwyn anymore...."    (maybe we should've kept her there?, that one is biting us all in hip pocket now) ".... so guess what?, the focus will turn back to this bloody Trade Union Royal Commission and I think we all know what that means..... FOR ALL OF US!"

Then the phone rings.........

"You'll never guess who that was Comrades? but I reckon or troubles are over"    (Was it Malcolm?)

"Let's just say it was a very helpful INSIDER tip about just how we can bring the TURC and Abbott into disrepute"

"Get me the Editor-in Chief at Fairfax"  (Which Paper?)


Okay, you know the story after that. This amateur attempt to discredit a High Court Judge because they assume that he was going to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser, is a clear and obvious indication that the Bill Shorten and many of his mates are seriously in panic mode and it is distorting their judgement.

I will say this though, the boofhead in The Libs that even thought it was a good idea to send such an invite to a Government appointed, INDEPENDENT ROYAL COMMISSION Commissioner, also need to think about their career in the Public Service!

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