Monday, August 3, 2015

Intermission is over folks, please take your seats for the main act, part 2, ...WE HOPE?‏

Now that the great Bishop distraction is over! Could the mainstream media please get back to the really important business of investigation and reporting true Political machinations that effect this generation and the next? That is could we please return to the oh so brief focus on the fitness for office of he who would be King, Bill Shorten.

Whilst hypocrisy and stone throwing in glass houses has certainly run its course for the last 3 weeks on our Tellies, Radios and other news sources, Methinks it is time to drop the holiday pantomime show of Goodes boohooism, Gays v Straights in the "Equality for all game" and Renewable Energy Targets announcements that mean nothing,...

with a much needed return to the business of Governance and in particular, the Economy, the Governments attempts to reduce the The ALP/GREENS Debt, despite the ever blocking Senate, PLUS the educational revelations that the Trade Union Royal Commission is FINALLY bringing to light.

If these almost ignored issues are not as important to our "Fourth Estate" representatives as they rightfully are to the everyday punter in Garage Land, then it's time to drop the lame stream media altogether and just listen to the many prophets and sages of wisdom who are now logging the all over the world.

It has certainly become more and more obvious to me that the agenda of our future is set by the media and in particular the Leftist Media, and be it Private or Publicly funded, ..........I'M SICK OF IT!

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