Sunday, August 2, 2015

Australian SOOK of the Year‏

Background on the Damaged Goodes affair

Well, whilst the Leftist media have "puppies' over the so called "Choppergate" debacle, three weeks on and counting, those who have actually started to grow bored after Bronwyn Bishop's apology, have now jumped on to the bandwagon to offer their support and crocodile tears for the latest "VICTIM" of the evil White Australian RACISTS hordes among us.

Now I am aware that many of the viewers of my cartoons and comments may have actually jumped onto this bandwagon but please understand that my approach to this issue is not about division but rather addressing the very issue that continues to divide  Whites & Blacks in this country.

I am as far from being a racist as you will ever find and anyone who knows the ethnic make up of my immediate family would agree that our family get togethers look like a United Nations meeting, with Australian Indigenous members there also.

So please put away any repressed bias or knee jerk emotionally driven reactions to those of us who actually think that this issue isn't about one bloke getting his feelings hurt but rather another symptom of a massive disease that has inflicted this great melting pot of free people since the days of Governor Macquarie.

Im my humble opinion, the word "racist" is the last refuge of the scoundrel. It's another way for the left to strut their moral vanity.

 Did you know these factoids regarding Adam Goodes, the current "STAR" of this show?'........................

Goodes, has been playing in the AFL for 16 years. For 14 of those years he wasn't ever booed. All of this started because of Goodes' own actions.

Goodes also admits that he didn't experience racism at all of the 10 years prior to the 13-year-old girl incident (which wasn't racism IMHO). He admitted this in an interview with the BBC last year.

 In January 2014, this "Australian of the Year" admits that he doesn't celebrate Australia Day! So who the hell is handing out these Gongs? They are as credible now as the Nobel Peace Prize is after it was given to US President Barack Obama just for getting elected!!!

In a left wing propaganda film in March 2014, Goodes states that Australia was founded on Rape, Murder and Theft [sic]. The next myth from his lips is that our Constitution is "Very Racist"! This latest comment is actually the straw that broke the camels back and responsible for the oh so horrible Booooing from a football crowd

Then there's the latest icing on the cake, when he provokes the football crowd by charging at them in a mock spear attack.

Honestly, hand on heart, if there are the odd individual that genuinely hates Adam Goodes just because of his Indigenous heritage, then I say loud and clear "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU, GROW UP YOU BIGGOT!"...

BUT I also honestly believe that the people showing their disapproval by booing at Goodes's ANTI-WHITE AUSTRALIA comments of late, have the right to express their disgust in the recent behaviour of a man of high profile who is actually blessed with great talents and kudos enough and suppose to be helping to "close the gap" and to bring us ALL together as one.

The fact is this.... whilst there is an Australian Aboriginal INDUSTRY, hell bent on keeping the chip on the shoulders and the guilt in the minds of both white and black generation after generation, then they will do what the Marxists want, and continue to keep us divided instead of united and standing under two different flags. Turning our united strength into a country of tribes.

The "Useful Idiots" of the Media and the "Usual Suspects" of the Social Commentariat, who naively think that they are standing up for some kind of racially based injustice are definitely living in an alternative universe, because if they think that this latest event in Leftist Hypocrisy and Reverse Discrimination will help their cause of "Recognition" (whatever that actually means, they don't even know", then can I quote a fellow member of the usual suspect flag waving mob,..... "Tell em he's dreamin"

It's this constant attention only to the colour of one's skin, or their racial or sexual differences, that will continue to keep the Leftist Marxist dream alive as well as making quite a few of them very wealthy in the process.

If anyone, black, white, yellow, red, brindle or just bloody transparent, starts using their colour and or difference of theirs as an excuse to keep us divided rather than to unit us as a proud nation of Australian free individuals and if they generalise and condemn nations past, present and future, when it is not deserved, then they are walking on a different side of the street to me and I reserve the right to boo them also.

If you want to boo me, then be my guest but at least have the human and intellectual decency & courage to explain the reason for why you are booing me, please.


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