Monday, August 10, 2015

Suicide by Trump!..........or is it?‏

Obviously the high polling G.O.P Presidential Candidate hopeful, Donald Trump IS NOT FIT to be the President of the Untied States of America, in my humble opinion.

His outrageous conduct at the recent Republican Candidates Debate, hosted by FOX, along with his subsequent public statements regarding the fair misogynist questioning of FOX Host, Meagan Kelly at said debate, has made even the biggest haters of the Left, CRINGE.

To think that this narcissistic billionaire could actually have access to the "Nuclear Codes" is frightening to say the least. As destructive as Barack Obama's reign has been (whose legacy will be one that the world is still yet to regret, imho), at least he didn't allow his ego to wipe out another country via the Nukes.

Trump would do that if his feelings were hurt enough. Trump is popular due to his anti politician stance as he talks the talk about the destructiveness of Political Correctness etc, but he doesn't tell anyone how he will correct the wrongs of the Marxist Long March through the Institutions, nor is he capable of just being diplomatic when diplomacy is the only responsible course of action.

With saying all of that, I was thinking...."Why does the G.O.P allow this loose cannon to stand up and be counted amongst the Republican Conservative base?" I mean it doesn't make sense from a logical point of view but then I remembered the other Republican Candidate that also has the coin and any real chance of defeating Hillary Clinton (I can't think of anyone else in the Demoncrats that will bother to go up against her and expect to win) at next year's Presidential Election.

Jeb Bush, of course! I am sure that the vast majority of the G.O.P elite want another of the Bush dynasty to sit in the Oval Office again but they understand the legacy that his brother left is still fresh in the minds of the voters and that it would take a hell of a lot more than apologies in hindsight to get the middle of the road American voter to vote Republican.

Time to run an DECOY!

So my theory, Machiavellian as it may seem, is that Trump is deliberately being alowed to run as the Human Headline grabbing buffoon of the GOP, to actually draw attention away from the G W Bush era and assist in highlighting Jeb Bush's clean skin, middle of the road and more female & family loving nature.

Now, whether Trump is in on it or he is just a deluded instrument in this plan, who knows? but it will no doubt come out in years from now when someone, maybe even Trump, writes a book about it.

One thing is for sure, the worse Trump looks the better Bush looks and although there is some damage being done now to the Republican brand by allowing Trump to wear the Red Tie, I think that the moment Donald decides or is "advised" to drop out of the race, the media spotlight will turn back to Hillary and her many dark issues, Jeb will look quite fit for the job and the disgruntled Conservatives will let out a collective sigh of relief, return to the Grand Old Party and rally around the next President of the USA, ..... John Ellis "JEB" Bush!

It's all about THE TIMING!

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