Thursday, August 20, 2015's your responsibility

I couldn't sleep tonight and this idea came to me out of the blue. Probably came to me due to the frustration that is not only building in my life but has come as a result of what I am listening to, watching and reading everyday.

I feel that our freedom is just like an ice block in the Sun and now matter how hard we try to keep it cool and protected from the heat, eventually this generation and the next will just never know how good that ice block was in our time, therefore not being  motivated to fight for something that they have never experienced.

From Union corruption to the ALP Political arm of these Trade Unions, doing all that they can to destroy freedom of speech and justice, to the maddening Greens and their Cultural Marxist dribble about Climate and Equality, when anyone who can read modern history knows that they have a generational mission to destroy the West from within:  Doing it all without a shot being fired. And while we turn our backs on the enemy within the gates,  there is a 9th Century Islamic Death Cult, globally positioned and determined to convert or butcher us all. the hell are we feeling today? Sorry to bring you down but reality will do that sometimes!  What it will also do is make us realise what is at stake  -- and hopefully that realisation should get us up off our lazy "she'll be right,mate" backsides and start to win the fight against the enemies within and without. I am sure that we are the last generation front line in this WAR!  But then again I look at my young adult children and can see that they will carry on the cause. I guess it's not all that bad, eh!

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