Monday, February 9, 2009

True Aussie heroes

What will this tragedy be called?..... The Lost Weekend? The Blackest Days? Who knows!

I suppose the media will come up with something appropriate. I once heard a bushie say "If it's hot enough and dry enough, then even the bloody rocks will burn" therefore it's hard to blame anyone for what is essentially a part of living in Australia.

I have heard that the Mad Greens had lobbied to prevent a lot of areas being cleared and back-burnt. Is this true Senator Bob Brown?

You would expect the Greens to value some "endangered" yellow throat spotted tree frog before any human life but again it was the local and state governments that listened and obliged such madness and are now the ones playing the fiddle. So who can be blamed really ?

If there are arsonists involved in this tragedy then I am sure you would agree with me that they should be hunted down as the dogs that they are. I am sure that the Victorian government will throw the book at them and give them the MAXIMUM sentence that applies to mass murder.

Still even with the back-burning and arsonist issues aside I am sure little would have prevented such a disaster from occurring as it has. All that we can do is do what Aussies do best, get in there and fight and then get in there and help those who cannot help themselves.

Thank God for the men and woman of the CFS and the RFS and the Red Cross and other agencies who WILL be there in force. These are and will always be Australia's TRUE HEROES !

Let see if this PM will have the nerve to pick up the phone and call his counterparts in Palestine and Indonesia. Seems we Australians have been only too generous to these folk in their time of need: Let's see if the feeling is mutual.

What a shame it takes a disaster like this to bring out the best of us and unite us as one.

God Bless them all

(Media report here)

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