Saturday, February 14, 2009

The heretic

Media report: "OUTSPOKEN academic Germaine Greer has branded Australian authorities arsonists for failing to carry out regular burn-offs, which she says could have prevented the deadly Victorian bush fires."

"What a week!" would be an understatement and I must admit that even old cynical me was surprised and pleased at the public, corporate and government response to this tragedy.

But what has also astonished me is the fact that for the first time in my life I actual agree with Germaine Greer.... who'd have thunk it! She is spot on with her remarks about the pandering of ALL political parties to the Greens who with the assistance of the Usual Suspects, the Useful Idiots in the media, are now the most powerful and dangerous political movement in the world.

There isn't a government in power that doesn't owe its place to the Green vote. I can only hope that folk who thought that these environmentalists were "well intentioned" can now see them for just what they are, an organisation that wants to send us all back to living in caves and praising sacred micro organisms whilst they sit high in moral judgement over us all.

Make no mistake, these Greens believe that the Earth is a living breathing and worst of all thinking being, that is tolerating the existence of human beings on its surface. It will not be long before plants have more right to exist than you do .......hang on hasn't that already happened ?

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Ayrdale said...

Good post. I fully agree.

Al Gore and James Hansen the eco-porn kings like to talk about "tipping points". I think a tipping point was reached when the public and the media realised how "green" policies/bullying cost innocent lives.

The end of the beginning perhaps ?