Thursday, February 19, 2009

An unstimulating stimulus

I can still hear those words that our PM Rudd said over and over again prior to the '07 Election you remember?.....

"I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "..."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "...."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "..."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE "...."I am a fiscal CONSERVATIVE ".

Well excuse me PM but you are NOT! you are nothing more than a FISCAL SOCIALIST ! just like every other socialist leader before you. At a time in our history when economic conservatism has never been more needed here we have the PM handing out OUR money to people who don't need it and really doing nothing less than a short term pre-election bail out of a succession of failed state governments and pandering to the welfare dependent (your true blue ALP voter, Whitlam set that mindset up) whilst ignoring the fact that what this country needs now is self investment in Australian business and short and long term visionary infrastructure projects.

Where are the great projects such as a pipeline to deliver much needed water from the flood prone areas of our land to the farmlands in the centre and south? Where is the tax reform that will encourage employers to employ without the added costs of payroll tax and the tax rip off of those who want to work more than one job to pay for their children's health and eduction? How about reducing or, dare I say it, removal of state land tax.

No, instead it's time to really sell off all our assets to China and borrow billions and billions of Arab dollars (whilst we still have an international credit rating) so that the current ageing generation and the next few generations can be taxed to the hilt to pay back hundreds of billions of dollars to those who really have no regard or interest in Australia and its culture and people.

All this is a part of Mr Rudd's new world order/one world government plan. He is as thick as thieves with his Commie mates around the world who are doing everything they can to slowly remove our way of life and turn the first world western nations into second world economies with 3rd world dictatorship.

Turnbull was right, we need stimulus but what the ALP is doing now will never stimulate the economy, rather it will send it backwards, encouraging deflation, unemployment and foreign ownership of what is left as being Australian owned and operated.

Sir Robert Menzies and the Diggers from all conflicts are spinning in their graves and I am sure they will be remembered as the last AUSTRALIANS if we do not rid ourselves of this One World Socialist Agenda and Prime Minister.

This is one man's opinion, this I believe !

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