Monday, February 16, 2009

Who is the Real Predator? Sharks or arsonists?

Media report: "In the same week men were attacked by sharks in Woolloomooloo and Bondi Beach, the state Government banned NSW fishermen from catching them. Despite overwhelming evidence numbers are at record levels, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the state's 25 shark hunters last week received a letter from the NSW Department of Primary Industries declaring the ban. The letter stated the restriction was being imposed because the State's annual shark quota had already been reached. Despite a frightening summer of shark attacks and sightings up and down the NSW coast, fishermen will now be prohibited from taking sharks until July 1."

Here we go again, all the usual suspects coming out of the smoking remains of the woodwork to point the finger at the irresponsible humans who dare to venture into the oceans and thus deserve the wrath of the shark.

Forgive me if I am wrong about this but haven't we been fighting, eating and being eaten by predators both on land and the sea since day one? I'm not unsympathetic about a person that is attacked by a shark, it's a terrible accident no matter who it is but it is just that, an accident, bad luck, wrong place at the wrong time or if you believe in a planned destiny as I do then it was meant to be.

I have heard numerous claims that the Greens are responsible for this by limiting the amount of drift net fishing thus causing the fish numbers to rise and the result is more sharks. Even heard that we in New South Wales are only permitted to fish 60 tonne of these creatures whilst in places like Queensland the amount is 300 tonne.

Also heard a Green Zealot say that the numbers of sharks in our harbour has increased due to the change in ocean currents as a direct result of you guessed it ...GLOBAL WARMING.

All may be true to some extent but why do we need to play the blame game on this issue which is as old as Adam? I do know that sharks have and will always be present around our shores and that actual human attacks are not common.

Who cares if there is a risk? You either take it out or avoid it. I for one will enjoy my meal on the shoreline whilst JAWS can go hungry for my flesh.

If they really want to make the sharks go away, chuck a few ARSONISTS in the Harbour at dawn.....that should scare them off or at least make them sick.

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