Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gotta have a Plan‏

Even if it is pure expediency

What can I say but that we have finally crossed the line from the sublime to the ridiculous. PM Rudd is pandering and snuggling up to his new mates in the United Nations, whilst beating his chest on just how HIS Government will lead the way in the crusade to save Mother Earth from the sceptics and the carbon emitting scum of the world.

And in unison, the "never will I back down" leader of the opposition, the CONSERVATIVE opposition, has decided to chat with his English counterpart on ways to beat the Labour Party, globally, at their own game. See here.

Talk about being a girl fought over by all the boys, I mean that is how Bob Brown and his Greens must feel these days. All of a sudden everyone wants to be Green.......WHY?

The answer is simple. There is money and power in it! The climate change debate that mankind's evil ways are causing a shift in global temperature (or is it global warming this week, I always forget?) that never was, has now overnight been signed, sealed and agreed upon as the gospel truth. Not only by all of the idiots who rushed to sign Kyoto (well what would you expect them to say) but also by those who haven't!

You see the one thing that they can all see, that all of the punters refuse to acknowledge, is that this is a global taxation system set up to get more money out of the workers in the first world countries to pay for whatever the "New World" order wants it for. The dumbed down public have swallowed this pseudo-science of this Ponzi scheme because they fell for the oldest trick in the book of governance ........FEAR and GUILT!

Meanwhile, now back in Australia, as Malcolm Turnbull steps off the plane, he is confronted once again with a rather large number of his Coalition back benchers, Senators and a few front bench comrades and told once more that they will not agree to another unfair tax based on a lie. Seems that some politicians do actually have a conscience, who would have thunk it!?! All the while Turnbull plays the " No. no team, our system is better than theirs and ours is all in the name of protecting Aussie jobs". Sure it is Malcolm, fancy explaining just how you will do that?

Even if he can save more jobs than Rudd and his band of crooks, the fact is that life for all of us is about to get very expensive indeed and for no real gain to any human, plant, animal or river system. The only bebeneficiaries will be those collecting the tax.

Malcolm Turnbull is quoted as saying "I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am." However he is also quoted as saying that he will not quit?????

Fine, then join the Labour Party Mr Turnbull and when KRudd is sitting in the U.N you can have a crack at running that mob whilst single handedly turning your beloved Wentworth into a Red or Green seat. God knows there are enough lefty voters in Wentworth now to make that a possibility. This is the only real motivation that I see for Turnbull to not heed the warning of his conservative brethren and continue to pander to the ever so sensitive masses in his federal seat. I dare say that he has seen the writing on the wall and as leader his name was not there. Got to have a fallback position, that is a standard business practice after all.

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TouchStone said...

For the rabid leftists in my country - mostly, but not exclusively democraps - I've labeled the "Road To Hell Paving Company".

Great minds.......LOL